Daddy? Where are you??

Monday, October 22, 2007
Her daddy leans over from upstairs and calls down to her, so Emma has started looking up for him whenever she is in the foyer or near the stairs!! Saturday afternoon Michael had gone fishing, so Emma kept looking for him upstairs!! It was so cute!

I haven't done a real weekend update in a while, so here goes:

Saturday morning I finally cashed in on the spa gift certificate Michael and Emma bought me for mother's day! I added a spa manicure to it, so I was pampered for over two hours early Saturday morning!! After I got home and we had lunch Michael went fishing with a buddy and Emma & I played around the house! We did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and laid around in our PJs (well, she was in her diaper mostly!) and I took a few pics (I added them all to my Fotki albums)...

Sunday I tried to be lazy...but couldn't for long of course! So, we got up and started getting ready for church - afterwards, as is becoming a tradition, we had b'fast at Taquerias Arandas. We used to always got to Denny's or IHOP, but not so much anymore. When we got home and got our clothes changed I set out to finish the laundry from the day before - I could hear Emma in the background saying "Yeah...Yeah..." and it was echoing so I figured she must be in the foyer b/c the ceiling there is open up to the 2nd floor.  Wanting to finish before I came out of the laundry room I asked Michael if he could see response. A bit later I asked again...finally he says, no that he can't find her. But I can still hear her. At this point I do come out of the laundry room and cannot see her anywhere, but still can hear her talking to us! After a moment I told Michael to check the stairs and what does he find? Miss Emma up on the landing on the 2nd floor just sitting, looking all proud of herself, and talking down to us!! Daddy talks to her from up there so I guess she decided she wanted to switch places!! Needless to say, Emma & I headed to the store and bought a baby gate right after that!!! (Though I need to exchange it b/c the one I bought isn't wide enough for our stairs...)

So - after that excitement I don't think I could have stood much more from the weekend!!! LOL!!

I did get Emma's Halloween costume, though. I tried it on her yesterday it's so cute! My parents came home from their two week road trip/vacation and stopped by on their way to their house - mother couldn't stand being away from Emma that long & hadn't seen her walk yet, except for the videos on YouTube!!! So, while they were there we modelled her costume!! I need to find her some shoes for it and I'll have pictures to post for Halloween!!!

It's another rainy day over here...a moment ago I looked up and only saw my reflection in the window b/c it was so dark outside. Then when I looked down at the lake (big pond) there were white caps down there!! It was bad - now it looks like it let up a bit, but still looks yucky out there. I don't think I'll be going out for lunch today!!