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I hope you have a marvelous Halloween tonight!! I am just so glad that it didn't fall on a Thursday this year b/c I would have missed Emma's first Halloween (I have class on Thursday nights). Tonight Emma is going to trick-or-treat at a couple of the neighbors' houses early and then come help Mommy & Daddy pass out candies to all the other kiddos!! I can't wait to see her reaction to the costumes the other kids will wear! We STILL need to get our candy for tonight - that's Michael's job to get on his way home as he was supposed to get it last night when he went to the grocery store!! I hope there is plenty left!!

Halloween Manicure

The start of my work day...

This is my view in the mornings when I get to work...though I am moving to a new office next Thursday and it's on the other side of the buiding so I won't see this after then.

I hadn't blogged about it yet I don't think - but I'm getting a new job at work. I am going to work for Financial Planning now. I'll be doing both jobs for a while I think b/c they haven't found a replacement for me yet and it may be a while I'm afraid. I'm excited about this new will be the first time I have worked outside of offshore operations. I'll still be partially involved with offshore b/c now I'll be working on the budget for the entire company, which includes but isn't limited to offshore. After over seven years of working in offshore this will be a big change for me. It will be almost like starting a brand new job b/c I won't be doing anything I'm doing now after they finally get someone hired for my old position.

I'm very excited, b…

Save 2nd Base

Michelle commented in my last post about these t-shirts, so I had to go check it out. I found this site - 50% of their profits go to the Kelly Rooney Foundation. (I also found an article about a school in Kansas that banned the shirts.) With all the pink ribbons out there, I thought this bit of humor - "Pink with a Wink" - was very clever and worth sharing.

Going Pink

Daddy? Where are you??

Her daddy leans over from upstairs and calls down to her, so Emma has started looking up for him whenever she is in the foyer or near the stairs!! Saturday afternoon Michael had gone fishing, so Emma kept looking for him upstairs!! It was so cute!

I haven't done a real weekend update in a while, so here goes:

Saturday morning I finally cashed in on the spa gift certificate Michael and Emma bought me for mother's day! I added a spa manicure to it, so I was pampered for over two hours early Saturday morning!! After I got home and we had lunch Michael went fishing with a buddy and Emma & I played around the house! We did laundry and cleaned the kitchen and laid around in our PJs (well, she was in her diaper mostly!) and I took a few pics (I added them all to my Fotki albums)...

Sunday I tried to be lazy...but couldn't for long of course! So, we got up and started getting ready for church - afterwards, as is becoming a tradition, we had b'fast at Taquerias Arandas. We use…

This balm is the bomb

I carry ALL my stress and anxiety in my neck and shoulders, which causes me serious pain at the point that sometimes I cannot turn my neck. Today is one of those days. It wasn't too bad when I came to work, but has been steadily getting worse and during lunch got to the point where I was nearly in tears the pain was so intense. I have a rice bag in my office that I heated and put on my shoulder - that helped a little bit. Then I remembered I had my tiger balm in my desk drawer. I have rubbed it on my neck and am feeling it do its thing! Ah...things are beginning to feel a bit better! Not 100% relief, b/c I don't think anything will really do that - but better!

I've passed the big 3-0...again!

This time, though it's on the scale!!! As of today I've lost 31.5 lbs!!! I'm still averaging about 1 to 2 pounds per week - which is my goal! I've lost weight in the past quickly and it never stayed off - this time I am doing it the right way and hopefully it won't come back this time!! Hooray!!

My beautiful brown eyed girl

Emma loves that little bunny that is under her arm!! When you squeeze its tummy it says a bedtime prayer in a child's voice. It's very sweet! Everytime I squeeze it Emma reaches for it and hugs it - so cute!!!

Emma is vertical!!

I think after yesterday I can officially say that Emma is walking now!!!! She has been taking a few steps for a while now, but Sunday she didn't crawl much at all - she mostly walked everywhere and this morning when I took her to Grammy's (the babysitter) I put her down and she walked across the floor to Grammy! My baby girl is growing up!! She has that monster-walk going on right now where she doesn't bend her knees too much and her arms are out in front of her. It's so cute. She'll get more stable soon, I am sure. And when I chase her she still drops to her knees to crawl b/c she can zoom across the floor much faster that way still.

New Mommy Tips: Packing Extra

This past weekend my obsessiveness paid off!! Saturday we went over to Michael's parents' house early in the morning. I didn't know we were going to be there all day so I didn't pack Emma's diaper bag for an all day trip - few diapers, formula, food, etc. Enough for a few hours...we didn't come home until that night! Well, we were okay, though b/c I was prepared!! You know the bags that comforters and sheets come in when you buy them...something like these...well, these are a couple of the things that I use to keep spares of things in the cars (actually I use these kinds of bags for several things - I have a big one my comforter came in full of clothes that Emma has outgrown). I have one in both the jeep and the truck with extra diapers, wipes, and even a bottle with drop-ins (I don't use these at home, just on the go b/c it's easier than having to clean a bottle) and single packs of formula. The formula can be tricky, though. Don't open it and put …

Tags & Categories

I haven't done a good job over the years of utilizing my, now that WP has tags I converted all my categories to tags and thought I would sort of start over. I mean, the title of my blog is Daily Venting & Exclamations and I didn't even have a category for venting or exclamations!! Ha ha!!! No, now maybe I'll have things a bit more organized. There are a lot of posts that are "uncategorized" and maybe if I get the time I'll go back and try to put them in a category or at least tag them.

Her Bee

This is on a silver VW bug in our garage that I see daily - I just thought it was cute!

The view on the way home...

About ten miles before I got home from spending the day with Elaine this was what I saw! I hoped these clouds would wait until I got home to dump all that water on me, but I wasn't that lucky! It hit me just about two minutes after I took this picture and came down the rest of the way home! I could barely see the car in front of me driving home!!! (That was after Elaine and I had a flat heading to the Greek Festival...which we didn't make it too...)

It was a great day other than those two incidents, though!! I had fun Elaine - we'll do it again next week, minus the flat tire and storm hopefully!! :)

Banana Split Anyone?

I'm anxious for these to ripen so that I can taste one! Anyone every ate bananas from their backyard before? When they started producing Michael spent all night online reading about the trees and how to properly care for them so they would produce good fruit!!!

Tuesday was my anniversary...

and I didn't even post about it! Shame on me! I didn't forget or anything, I was just extremely busy all day long!

So, here's a belated Happy Anniversary to my honey!!! He bought me some beautiful roses and two frames & put pictures of us as babies in one that said "Mommy + Daddy = Me" with a picture of Emma and put another picture of Emma in a separate frame that said "Miracle"! Thank you sweetheart! I love you!

I'm stuck mommy!!!

My aunt bought this little chair for Emma...right now she uses it more like a walker than a chair, though!!! She pushes it all over the house! Sometimes she does step over into it like she is going to sit down, but she doesn't know to BACK into it - she usually just steps over the front bar and then ends up with a let on either side or something like that and eventually gets all tangled up!!! It's funny until she gets really aggravated - then she's had enough! She was still slightly amused at the point I took this picture - I think she was smiling b/c I was laughing at her so much!!!