, err Tuesday morning!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
After five days off it is hard to come back and get on schedule this morning. I have staff meetings every Tuesday morning and I had to remind myself that was today& not tomorrow!! I'll be good after the coffee gets down, though!

We did have a great Labor Day weekend, though. We went up to East Texas for the annual Stanley Cup (clay shoot at my sister's) - Michael shot this year with our neighbor. I took the pictures again and will hopefully have them all posted tomorrow. I've decided that next year I am going to shoot. I can still take pictures, but just won't be able to shoot all the different teams shooting. We'll just have to make sure to snap pictures of each team once they return to the deck! Michael and his partner both won $50 gift certificates this year. There were several more teams shooting this year than before, too.

It was also fun to see family and all the kiddoes! Emma had a blast! It's always fun to get away for a few days - I just hate having to unpack once we get back home! Ha ha! Emma has started trying to stand on her own. Several times this weekend she let go of whatever she was holding while she was standing up and balanced on her own. Not for very long - the longest time was about ten seconds, but she is getting there!! Any day now she'll get it down good I'm sure, then comes the walking! Everyone says don't wish for that b/c we'll be chasing her all the time, but heck we're doing that now with her crawling! She may be just on her hands and knees now, but that doesn't mean she is slow! She is miles away in two seconds!! We can't take our eyes off her! Yesterday she was 9 months old already. Man, time is flying by too quickly!

I am anxious to go visit Miss Katelynn now, too. We couldn't go visit for a couple weeks after she got home b/c she wasn't supposed to be around other little ones for a while, but last night Michael asked his brother and they said it was fine to visit now. Hopefully we'll get to go see her either one day this week or this weekend when there is more time.

Well, there is a lot of work to get done this morning so I better get back to it! I hope you had a great holiday weekend, too!