Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It finally happened...

This morning as soon as Michael got up he went to check on Emma. Normally, he doesn't go in there until he is ready to leave for the day...but not this morning - thankfully! After about thirty seconds he came back in our bedroom & said, "Hey, can you come in here and help me?" Emma had managed to take off her dirty diaper during the night or sometime this morning - either way it was all over the place. When I walked into her bedroom he met me at the door with a naked baby!!! I just took her to the kitchen and sat her in the sink (we have deep kitchen sinks) and bathed her there while Michael stripped the bed - bumper pads, comforter/blankets, sheets, her teddy bear, night shirt...everything got a little touch of it!!

Every parent I know has a story about the mess their child made with a dirty diaper...well, no we have ours, too!! Thanks for that memory Emma! Ha ha!


  1. I'm glad my kids never did that! lol

    Of course, during the whole potty training thing, poop was another story. haha

  2. Not looking forward to that!!

  3. Hee Hee!!! My two never managed to make the poop mess, but I had a friend who got the the point that she would duck tape the pamper so it would not be removed during the night!

  4. i just watched a show on Discovery Health (i think that's the channel) called Jon & Kate + 8. they have a set of twins (6 year olds), and a set of sextuplets... age 2. in one episode, one of the babies played with her poopy diaper, too. it got over everything! in another episode, the baby girls were being potty trained, and if they pooped in the potty, the mom took a picture of the little girl with the poop in the potty to commemorate the blessed event. LOL you'd hope that picture wouldn't be floating around the internet! but if you have time, watch that show. it's hilarious!!!

  5. I'm really lucky my kids didn't do that because one of the more notorious stories of my aunt's childhood is how she "painted" the wrungs of her crib with her poop. Because of that story, I was paranoid of it happening to me. I hated cleaning poop enough as it was, and I didn't want to have to clean it up off anything other than a butt.


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