Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm still here...

just extremely busy with work and school! After an 8:00 AM meeting tomorrow at least there will be a little relief at work, though...and after Thursday night a big assignment will be done for the case we've been working on - soooo, that means this weekend I should be able to relax!!!! Yay!

It didn't help that I didn't get to go to work on Monday either, so that made today even that much busier b/c I had to play catch up getting ready for the meeting in the morning. Monday morning after I dropped Emma off at the baby sitter and tried to crank my jeep and go to work it wouldn't start. :( Turns out it was the battery, but we couldn't jump it - I called roadside assistance b/c I thought we were going to have to get it towed, but the wrecker driver was able to jump it. He connected the cables to something other than the battery itself - got it cranked so we could take it home, but then had to get a new battery. I was just glad it was really the battery - when we couldn't jump it I was scared it wasn't something really major. So, a new battery and a few hours at the mechanic (ended up changing the oil in both vehicles and getting them both inspected) later and most of the day was gone.

Actually, we had to buy new gas caps b/c they said both the truck and the jeep failed inspection b/c the gas caps were both not sealing well. They were both factory caps, too - we've never bought new ones. Never thought there would be a reason. Has anyone heard of that before??? It was only $20, so I'm not really complaining, but would hate to know that isn't something that is really possible!

Anyway...we have new gas caps now and new stickers so it was still a productive day just not workwise...and after all that was done and we were back home I spent the afternoon working on my homework assignment - so it was a very productive day. It did make today at work kinda hectic, but everything got done and we're ready for our meeting in the morning.

What a Monday!

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  1. Yeah the gas cap thing is such a scheme, I had to get a new one for Flavia's truck ($14) but I guess as long as it passes inspection it is worth it for a year.


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