Feeling better...just tired!

Sunday, September 09, 2007
I think we're pretty much all better now...just laying around being a little tired. I had hoped that we would get to visit Miss Katelynn today, but Emma and I decided to stay home while Michael went over to his brother's house to watch football. Emma isn't contagious, but you know better safe than sorry. Katelynn's isn't even a month old yet. I would feel so bad if she got sick because of us! Maybe we'll get to see her next weekend.

I think Emma and I are going to rest up this morning. I may see if my parents want to come over after church. There is a new store in Old Towne Spring that I want to check out and I am sure mother wouldn't be opposed to checking it out either!!

We're watching Pretty Woman right now, but I think Emma is getting ready to take her morning nap and I need to put up laundry, too. I'm kinda hungry, too. I haven't really eaten anything since lunch on Friday b/c I have been so sick...so I think I'll find me some brunch!!!