Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome to the Bachelor Pad...

Well, Michael is going to be a bachelor this weekend!! Emma & I are heading up to East Texas this evening for the weekend with my parents. We're celebrating my niece's college graduation & my Grannie's 93rd b'day!!!! Michael already had something planned on Saturday so he couldn't go with us, but I didn't want to miss either one, so we're off!! Michael hasn't stayed at home alone much - actually, I can only think of one time he stayed home without me before! Saturday he'll be busy all day, though so that will go fast for him and Sunday there are people coming to pick up some furniture we're donating & then he'll come to my parents' to pick me up - so I think it will probably go pretty fast for him! He'll still have a chance to miss me, though! ;)

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  1. Hope you guys have fun! It's going to be nice out!


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