Wee...Push me higher daddy

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yesterday Michael & I took Emma in her wagon to the park with our neighbors...their son is exactly one year older than Emma. They both had such a great time!! Emma is fearless right now and LOVED swinging!!! We had a great time playing out there and I could tell by Michael watching our neighbors that he can't wait until he's able to chase Emma around like they chase their son!! It won't be long now, though - she's going to let go of the table any day now and walk on her own!! Then he'll really HAVE to chase her around! Ha ha!!!

The walk to the park was nice, too! There was just enough of a breeze that it wasn't too hot at all. We've been trying to walk in the evenings as much as we can, but when it's muggy and nasty outside is the last place you want to be! Maybe we'll go again tonight - it rained earlier, but doesn't look like it is going to again. It could change any minute, though. This is Houston after all!!!