Update on the new family...

Friday, August 17, 2007
Jamie went home from the hospital yesterday, but Katelynn is still in the NICU. She is doing fine, just being cautious! Jamie and Steven are staying down by the hospital to be near their new daughter (don't blame them). When Michael gets home from work we're going to go visit them. We're taking Emma, though she'll have to stay in the waiting room with someone. She'll get to meet her new cousin soon enough, but right now she's just too little! I can't wait to see Katelynn. She is opening her eyes a lot now I hear and eating very well!!

My baby girl had her 9 month check up today. It's a week or so until she's really 9 months old, but the appointment just fell this way. She is tall for her age...in the 90th percentile! Her weight is in the 60th percentile, though - so maybe that means she's going to be tall and thin. On my side she could get that from my mother and my papa maybe...Michael's brother is tall and thin, too - so she's really got the genes on both sides!! We know she didn't get it from me or Michael - we're the shortest of all of our siblings! Ha! Ha!

Emma didn't have to get any shots today, but she did have to have her finger pricked to test for anemia. The nurse put a band-aid on it, but b/c Emma was chewing on it and I didn't want her eating the cotton we had to take it off...that wasn't good either. Her finger just kept on bleeding, so I had to put another couple bandages on it and just watch to make sure she didn't pull it off. When we got home I took them off and it seemed to be fine...then a little later I looked at her activity table and it had blood all over it. Poor baby's finger was STILL bleeding. I couldn't believe it. I cleaned it all up and checked her finger again - it had finally quit, but it had got on her little dress, too. I still can't believe her little finger bled so much. She did okay when they stuck her, though. She only cried a little bit. The worst part of her check ups is when they want to look in her ears. She hates being held down and starts screaming. I think next time I'll ask if they can look while I hold her up on my shoulder.

Well, I need to finish cleaning up around here before Michael gets home so we can get on the road quickly to go see Steven, Jamie, and Katelynn!