So sleepy...

Monday, August 13, 2007
I only got about 3 hours of sleep both Friday & Saturday night. Emma has another tooth that came through Saturday night, but it gave her a fit!!! The first two teeth she got were non-events. We didn't even really know they were there until they were completely through her gums b/c she never ran fever or cried really or anything. This one is on top & maybe that makes a difference. Poor sweetie had fever and was up most of the night. After it finally came through she seems like my happy baby girl again. I was giving her Motrin both for the fever and the pain and it really did help. Her pediatrician had told me before not to use orajel b/c there were bad side effects associated with it, but I am going to ask her for another alternative tomorrow. We have an appointment tomorrow as a follow up from when she went with her earache so I'll get to ask her about it then.

Otherwise, we had a great time this weekend. Saturday we celebrated my niece's college graduation and new job. Sunday after church the family all got together again to celebrate Grannie's 93rd birthday. After lunch all the little ones got stripped down and were given the water hose to play with! They had a blast!! Even though Emma is the only one not walking yet she still kept up with them all & had so much fun!! The water was a great break from the heat. I have pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet...I'll definitely post them when they are up!!