Friday, July 06, 2007

Time passes too quickly... just the last three weeks Emma has gone from being able to sit up on her own, to getting down the crawling gig, to OH MY GOSH she is pulling up!!!! I'm not kidding!! We're going to have to lower her mattress b/c last night she grabbed the rails in her crib and stood her little self right on up! I couldn't believe it!! She was seven months on Tuesday and has only really been crawling for a couple weeks...three maybe and now she is already pulling up. The only thing she has pulled up on, though besides her crib are the leather poofs (leather ottomans I got from Egypt) that I have in the sitting room! I think everything else is a little too high for her to grab and pull up on! There's no stopping her now...if Michael or I head out the door she is right on our tails crawling as fast as she can! She still isn't completely coordinated when she crawls and she still bear crawls a bit, too but she gets where she wants to go. I just can't get over all the changes she made this past month! My baby girl is growing up!!

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