The good and the bad...

Monday, July 30, 2007
Well, it happened...Emma fell off our bed on Sunday. And our bed is very high. I had laid her down to sleep w/ her daddy and after about an hour she rolled right off the side of the bed and landed face down on the floor. I think her hands were between her face and the floor, though and her legs were pulled up under her. I scooped her up as soon as it happened and she cried pretty hard, but only for about a minute and then she was back to her happy playful self. I don't know if it hurt or scared her more. I know it scared Michael pretty bad...I think it would have scared me more if I hadn't realized how upset he was, though. I was afraid she was going to have a little black eye, but now I don't think she is.

On a happier note...she has been saying DaDaDaDa all weekend. I told Michael she was just making a sound, though! :D I mean, c'mon - isn't she supposed to say MaMa first?? After all I am the one that carried and delivered her and got up in the middle of the night for feeding and changes all the stinky diapers and all that stuff! Why does daddy get to be said first!?!? Oh, maybe b/c when he's around they are always playing!!! Ha ha! do I sound a little jealous? Well...maybe a little bit! ;)