End to a busy day!

Saturday, July 14, 2007
Emma slept for 12 long hours last night! You would think that meant that I slept late this morning, but I woke up b/c I realized I hadn't heard her wake up!!! How messed up is that!! Ha ha! I needed to be up anyway b/c I had some last minute errands to do b/c today was Jamie's baby shower at my mother-in-law's house. It turned out to be a very good shower - Emma was my co-hostess and she was so good! There was another little boy there just a few months older than her that she played with...and at one point she had to show him who was boss! Ha ha! I hope that carries over into her teenage years, too! Can't let those boys think they can get away with anything!!

By the end of the shower she was wiped out! Even to the point that while feeding her she started falling asleep in the high chair. She would take a bite of dinner and then her eyes would shut and her head would fall over...then she would jump up and open her eyes and take another bite...then eyes right back shut and head over...and then finally at one point she just opened her mouth for another bite, but didn't even open her eyes! She was eating in her sleep!! At that point it was time to quit eating and head out!! It was hysterical, though!!

Jamie got a lot of nice things and some very cute outfits! Miss Katelynn will have a full wardrobe, that's for sure!!!

Afterwards, Emma and I headed over to Elaine's house to visit with her and Kenny. We hung out there and played for a while and then went to dinner - where we sat and visited for another couple hours! It was a great visit!! Emma was so very sleepy though by the time we headed home and started really fighting sleep...so there was some crying in her car seat for a little bit before she eventually passed out for the evening. When I got home she didn't even open her eyes when I pulled her out of her car seat and put her down in her crib.

I thought I would just come home and crash, but after emptying the jeep, getting her into bed, putting things up, and then changing clothes I was wide awake - so here I am watching Barber Shop 2 and playing on the internet!! That's how it is I guess!!!

Michael is at a bachelor party tonight and I figured that I would be in bed long before he got home, but if I don't get sleepy soon (and I feel so wide awake at the moment) I might just still be up when he gets in!