Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My hubby is such a sweetie!

When I came home last night this was on the bar waiting for me and Emma!

The card says For My Girls... Roses for me and animal cookies for Emma!

Monday, July 30, 2007

The good and the bad...

Well, it happened...Emma fell off our bed on Sunday. And our bed is very high. I had laid her down to sleep w/ her daddy and after about an hour she rolled right off the side of the bed and landed face down on the floor. I think her hands were between her face and the floor, though and her legs were pulled up under her. I scooped her up as soon as it happened and she cried pretty hard, but only for about a minute and then she was back to her happy playful self. I don't know if it hurt or scared her more. I know it scared Michael pretty bad...I think it would have scared me more if I hadn't realized how upset he was, though. I was afraid she was going to have a little black eye, but now I don't think she is.

On a happier note...she has been saying DaDaDaDa all weekend. I told Michael she was just making a sound, though! :D I mean, c'mon - isn't she supposed to say MaMa first?? After all I am the one that carried and delivered her and got up in the middle of the night for feeding and changes all the stinky diapers and all that stuff! Why does daddy get to be said first!?!? Oh, maybe b/c when he's around they are always playing!!! Ha ha! Okay...so do I sound a little jealous? Well...maybe a little bit! ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I'm sad now...I finished book 7 today and the realization that it's the last one is very sad. The book was wonderful, though. By far the best yet! I was right about a few of my speculations, but there were a few twists that totally took me by surprise! I'll leave my thoughts on those in the MORE section so as not to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read or finished it yet.

Book 7 unlike the previous 6 cannot stand on its own though. Rowling wrote the first 6 in such a way to give enough information for you to know what's going on if you hadn't read the others, but not enough to bore you if you already read them all. Book 7, though makes reference to so many events from the previous 6 books that you really will miss out on quite a bit if you don't read the first books.

I still need to buy books 1 and 2 in hardback - I have all the others in hardback, but the first two I only have in paperback. I gave those to my father to start reading - let's see if he loves them as much as I do! I think I want to buy the DVDs as well. I haven't seen the newest out in the theater yet, though. I will eventually. I think now that the books are done I might go back and start reading them from #1 again after I finish school. I gave my father the set of C. S. Lewis books a couple years ago for Christmas and he gave me those to read. I think I'll see if I can get a couple of those read before school starts for the fall semester.

Okay...so now on to my thoughts on the book -

Friday, July 27, 2007

Prayer Request

My coworker, Carol, and her husband Bob, found out a little over a week ago that Bob has Adenocarcinoma - a type of lung cancer. The doctors also found that it has spread into his brain. The are starting radiation therapy on his this week, but have told them that the cancer in his lungs is inoperable.

Please keep Bob & Carol in your prayers as well as all the doctors and nurses that are taking care of Bob.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I can't use Emma as an excuse anymore...

In 2005 I lost like 30+ pounds! I was so proud of myself...then in 2006 I got pregnant & had a baby and well didn't look like I did in 2005 anymore sadly! Emma is about to be 8 months old, though so I can't very well use the excuse that I just had a baby as to why I can't fit into my skinny jeans anymore! They are in my closet just glaring at me...and by the end of the year I plan to be back in them! I am being very smart, though and counting calories again and making healthy choices and I know it's going to take a while, but they say the longer it takes to come off the longer it stays off...right??? I have been doing this now for a couple weeks and I think I have lost not quite 10 pounds. I haven't been good about weighing on a regular schedule, but I've noticed a difference in how my clothes fit. Now a friend at work is trying to lose with me so every Thursday we go downstairs and weigh...whoever loses the most gets a fat free yogurt courtesy of the other!! Ha ha!

This was me in 2005 and my goal is to get back to this size...I can still wear that shirt, but it doesn't look as cute as it does in this picture!


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess what I found last night!

Last night while Emma and I were at Elaine's we were talking about whether or not Emma had any teeth - she has been teething for a while, but I hadn't felt any teeth start to push through. So, while we were talking I ran my finger along her bottom gums as I have done several times checking for teeth. This time, though unlike before I felt the sharp ridge of a new tooth coming through! Her first tooth!! I was so excited! At the shower everyone was asking about whether or not she had teeth and to all I answered "No" not knowing that all that time that little tooth was pushing its way through!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

End to a busy day!

Emma slept for 12 long hours last night! You would think that meant that I slept late this morning, but I woke up b/c I realized I hadn't heard her wake up!!! How messed up is that!! Ha ha! I needed to be up anyway b/c I had some last minute errands to do b/c today was Jamie's baby shower at my mother-in-law's house. It turned out to be a very good shower - Emma was my co-hostess and she was so good! There was another little boy there just a few months older than her that she played with...and at one point she had to show him who was boss! Ha ha! I hope that carries over into her teenage years, too! Can't let those boys think they can get away with anything!!

By the end of the shower she was wiped out! Even to the point that while feeding her she started falling asleep in the high chair. She would take a bite of dinner and then her eyes would shut and her head would fall over...then she would jump up and open her eyes and take another bite...then eyes right back shut and head over...and then finally at one point she just opened her mouth for another bite, but didn't even open her eyes! She was eating in her sleep!! At that point it was time to quit eating and head out!! It was hysterical, though!!

Jamie got a lot of nice things and some very cute outfits! Miss Katelynn will have a full wardrobe, that's for sure!!!

Afterwards, Emma and I headed over to Elaine's house to visit with her and Kenny. We hung out there and played for a while and then went to dinner - where we sat and visited for another couple hours! It was a great visit!! Emma was so very sleepy though by the time we headed home and started really fighting sleep...so there was some crying in her car seat for a little bit before she eventually passed out for the evening. When I got home she didn't even open her eyes when I pulled her out of her car seat and put her down in her crib.

I thought I would just come home and crash, but after emptying the jeep, getting her into bed, putting things up, and then changing clothes I was wide awake - so here I am watching Barber Shop 2 and playing on the internet!! That's how it is I guess!!!

Michael is at a bachelor party tonight and I figured that I would be in bed long before he got home, but if I don't get sleepy soon (and I feel so wide awake at the moment) I might just still be up when he gets in!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Meet Connor John

Congratulations Sean & Alice on the new addition to your family!
Connor is such a beautiful baby!!

Born 7/6/07
8lbs 4oz
20 inches

(I think I got all the stats righ!!)

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm such a follower...

I have six pownce invites if anyone would like one...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Michael on the pond

This is one of my favorite pics from the last time we went to Broaddus...I was going through my pics tonight and thought I would post this one.

Daddy came home today from Egypt and brought me a new camera from a friend...well, it's new to me. I am excited about trying it out. I've called around and found a camera store nearby that sells the film for medium format cameras. I'll have to stop by tomorrow and pick some up so I can try it out!! How exciting!!!

Time passes too quickly...

Okay...in just the last three weeks Emma has gone from being able to sit up on her own, to getting down the crawling gig, to OH MY GOSH she is pulling up!!!! I'm not kidding!! We're going to have to lower her mattress b/c last night she grabbed the rails in her crib and stood her little self right on up! I couldn't believe it!! She was seven months on Tuesday and has only really been crawling for a couple weeks...three maybe and now she is already pulling up. The only thing she has pulled up on, though besides her crib are the leather poofs (leather ottomans I got from Egypt) that I have in the sitting room! I think everything else is a little too high for her to grab and pull up on! There's no stopping her now...if Michael or I head out the door she is right on our tails crawling as fast as she can! She still isn't completely coordinated when she crawls and she still bear crawls a bit, too but she gets where she wants to go. I just can't get over all the changes she made this past month! My baby girl is growing up!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Emma learned to play Patty Cake

She got so excited playing patty cake w/ Daddy!