Monday, June 04, 2007

Look at me sitting on my own!

Emma is getting so big now!!!

We had so much fun in East Texas this past week. It was so nice to be able to spend all day together, but now we're back at work and Emma is back at Grammy's (the babysitter)!

I am also starting my classes back tonight, so that means Michael is going to pick up Emma from Grammy's and by the time I get home on Monday and Wednesday nights she'll already be asleep. :( This was hard to handle, but thank goodness I'm almost done!

We were able to relax and just chill all week. We fished and grilled outside and visited with family and even did yard work - we bought flowers for my Grannie and re-did her flower beds for her. We did have some bad weather, but nothing that stopped us from having a good time!

I still have a bunch of pictures to upload. I took the laptop so I could work on them and have them all ready to upload, but haven't had the chance. I'll have to try to get them up this week, though!

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