An apple a day, huh?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
We've spent a lot of time with doctors since Thursday. Michael's grandfather has been very sick and is in ICU at the moment. He has made a lot of improvement, though since going in last week. We've gone to see him every day since Thursday, except for yesterday. Please be sure to keep him in your payers.

Yesterday we were at the doctor's office, but it was for Emma. She's been running a fever the last few days and being very lethargic. She seems to be doing a bit better herself, but not close to 100% yet. Hopefully it's something that is giong to run its course quickly so I'll have my happy baby back soon.

Otherwise, I am so busy with school. When we weren't at the hospital this weekend I had my head in the books. I had an exam due yesterday and I bet I spent 10+ hours working on classmates said it took them as long also. Since this course is only five weeks we have exams weekly and cover at least two chapters each night (we meet twice a week). It's definitely an endurance challenge, but it will be over quickly thank goodness!!! The fall and spring semesters won't be so hectic hopefully and then I'll be done! Yay! So, not too much more to deal with like this!

Monday was also my first day in my new office - yep, after only about three months in the last one I've moved again. This time, though I'm on the side facing downtown, not that it's been clear enough to see the skyline since I moved, but maybe one day it will be! Work is definitely busy as well, though. Which is good really b/c I hate when it's slow - except now wouldn't be bad actually b/c I could work on my schoolwork, ha ha!