Saturday, May 12, 2007

Migraines...they're back

While I was pregnant I was so afraid of having migraines all the time - my cousin's wife suffered from migraines like I do and while she was pregnant she had one all the time. Luckily, while I was pregnant I really only remember having one. Now, though I think they are back. I've had 4 or 5 in as many weeks. That's too many.

Thursday we went offsite for a demonstration work. I had a headache when we left and then rode for a while in the back of a Crown Vic - ugh, car sick. By the time I got there I was so miserable. Luckily the room the demo was in was very cold -that helped a lot with the nausea. After that we went to eat and I ended up just sipping on a coke the whole time and took my food with me. One of the girls with me also suffers from migraines and said she had some Imitrex.  I used to take it years ago for my migraines, but it's been so long I was worried about taking it, but eventually I couldn't take it anymore so I took 50mg. It didn't make it go away (nothing does), but I must say it made it possible to continue my day and I didn't have to go home. I am thinking about seeing if my doctor will prescribe it for me.

Yesterday I felt better when I woke up, but before noon I felt another headache coming on - I took some BC Powders, but like I said nothing else really was a dull ache all day and then last night we left for dinner and it was getting pretty bad. Again, I couldn't finish my dinner and ended up packing it to go. We came home and put Emma to bed and I immediately crashed. I woke up this morning feeling better, but still have a dull ache in my head. I am about to make myself a big cup of coffee, though and cook some b'fast and just take it easy this morning. Hopefully it won't get too bad again.


  1. Oh oh oh... I am so sorry. I used to get terrible frequent migraines as well - was hospitalized a few times because they just wouldn't break and never was able to find anything that could alleviate them.

    Mine just went away eventually. Strangest thing. I still get loads of headaches - sometimes pretty bad - almost weekly, but nothing like your month's whoppers. Ugh.

    One thing that (I believe) helped me - getting rid of dairy in my diet, cutting back on any drinks other than water and real juice and eating little meals regularly. Oooh - and peppermint oil! Love that stuff.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better today...

  2. I hate to hear that the headaches are still strong. I hope you and your doctor are able to figure something out. Keep me posted!


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