Michael & Hanna Get Hitched

Friday, May 18, 2007
Well, three years ago we did anyway! While we were engaged I created a site to chronicle our wedding story. I loved that site! I loved how it looked and functioned so much. I was using pMachine (which has a new name now) at that time and well, to make a long story short, I don't have that wedding site anymore. When I moved over to DNN from pMachine, though the site didn't look the same...and now that I am at WP, well that site is just no more. :(

Oh well, can't hang onto the past!! Maybe one day I'll take have the time to recreate the original site I loved so much. I don't even have a screen shot of it...

So, I have decided to simply use one of the WP templates to at least put our story back up online! So, if you're at all interested you can browse Michael & Hanna Get Hitched and read about how we met, how Michael proposed, and various aspects of our wedding planning and about the actual day and a couple extras!!