Update part 2

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
So, what else is going on? I thought about making yesterday's post a draft until I could really finish it, but then I thought short posts would be better on the eyes for everyone!

Saturday after taking Emma to the beach with Elaine I came home to a house full of people! Everyone came over to watch the Rockets since that was the first day of the playoffs - it was also a crawfish boil & fish fry as it turns out! It was a lot of fun and good food!

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, though we did have company again. My parents and Grannie came over to visit since she was in town for the weekend! Grannie doesn't get to see Emma as often as any of us would like, so I take advantage of every opportunity for her to visit! She got a kick out of watching Emma in her exersaucer! She was also impressed with Michael's mad gardening skills and checked out all the new flowers and plants and the veggies he's got sprouting! Emma will have garden fresh squash in no time!

Monday started another workweek and again we had more company. Michael's friend came over to watch the game last night and I had to leave them to it not too long after Emma went to sleep. I was exhausted. Tonight, thankfully we have no one visiting! I love you each and every one, but I need my downtime, too! Ha ha!

If Michael has the games on again tonight I may spend some time working on my closet. I've been meaning to get it cleaned out FOREVER. I have separated most everything into "keep" and "get rid of" sections and even have a box sitting in the middle of my closet to fill - is it full? Nope. It's still empty! I need to go shopping desperately, but I want to clean out before I add anything else in there. Since she is eating more Emma seems to be getting sleepy earlier in the evening so I'll take advantage of that extra time and hopefully get some work done - notice I say hopefully! I've been talking about doing this for a very long time...

I can't remember (and I'm being lazy and not looking) if I wrote about my cousin having surgery or not. He had a cyst in one of his kidneys for a while and the doctors told him they wouldn't do anything about it unless it changed. Well, it grew inside his kidney to over 1/2 the size of his kidney - so it was time to do something about it. They told him it was malignant, but that just from looking at it - no biopsy or blood work or anything. Well, last Friday they removed his kidney. Everything went very well. When they were closing him up they had a bleeder and it took a little longer, but were able to take care of it. He went home yesterday already and though sore, seems to be doing well. It will take about a week to know if it was truly malignant or not - either way, though the doctors have told him that since they removed it all together he should not have to go through any chemo treatments. He was scared before going in, but seems to be handling everything very well now - he just needs lot of rest.