Time for an update...

Monday, April 23, 2007
It is starting to look like a photoblog around here these days! I have just been so busy I haven't had time for much more than posting pics, though.

We've made some progress in the sleep department, though. Emma has moved to her own room in her own bed and is starting to sleep through the night! Thank you baby girl!!! It is so nice! She has also started eating veggies - we started with carrots!! She really seems to like them a lot, too! This past weekend she and I spent the afternoon at the beach with Elaine - that was her first beach trip. I bought her a cute little bikini, but she didn't wear it b/c I didn't have any intentions of putting her in the water - this summer, though. It's still too cold for her I think! I think she had a good time, though. I slathered her down with spf 50 sunblock, but didn't put any on me so I have a farmer's sunburn as a result!! LOL!

Otherwise, it's just been work, school, and family keeping me busy day to day! Well, and photos, too. I finally got Photoshop CS2 (I could only find CS3 on the Adobe site - interesting) and have started shooting my pics in RAW. I've had my DSLR for how long and am just now doing this...I know, I know! But I'm with it now, thank you very much!

School is just about over for this semester, too. My paper is all but complete - I am just waiting on a bit of feedback from my professor before I finalize everything and turn it in. I'll be glad to have it finished!

It's rainiy outside so I am going to keep this update short so I can get out of her and get on the road to pick up Miss Emma. I promise to not fall so far behind & let you know what's been going on better in the future! ;)