Time for an update

Sunday, April 01, 2007
We had such a nice weekend!! Friday was my day off and Emma's 4 month appointment. She weighed in at 15 pounds and 2 ounces and was 25.5 inches long!! She is growing so well! We're adding cereal to our diet on a regular basis now and eating it with a spoon!! After three weeks of that it will be on to veggies!! She is such a big girl now! She is jabbering all the time now and rolling over all the time now! She responds so much more and giggles a lot, too! (Every sentence has an exclaimation point b/c all this is exciting stuff!!! )

Okay, there was a little unhappy part about her appointment, but nothing too bad. She has a slight ear infection - probably left over from the little cold she had a couple weeks ago. And her left eye was still watering quite a bit, so her doctor put her on antibiotics and ear drops to help clear them both up. Since Friday her eye hasn't watered at all and she doesn't seem to be bothered by her ear, though actually she never did. We go back in three weeks for a follow up appointment.

Michael also took a half day on Friday and we headed up to East Texas to visit my family - last week was my cousin's birthday and the whole family was up to visit! Grannie doesn't get to see Emma too much so I take advantage of every opportunity to let them visit. We had such a good weekend even though there was a bit of rain - it really rained the most at night so our days weren't disturbed by the weather.

My cousin is actually about to have major surgery, too. He has a mass in one of his kidneys that is taking up more than half of his kidney - the doctors have said it looks like cancer, but obviously won't know until they do a biopsy. Either way, though he does have to have his kidney removed. The doctors have told him that if the kidney is removed and all the mass is removed in tact he shouldn't have to go through any chemo treatments - but hopefully when they remove it they'll find it to be benign anyway. So, please keep him in your thoughts. He has great spirits about the whole situation, though.

We came home tonight and finally have everything put up and are ready to relax a bit now...though, actually I do need to do some work on my paper! Have a good night!