She had a stimulating day...

Saturday, April 14, 2007
but I think she is finally down for the night! Or at least for a few hours - yes, Emma is still waking up at night. Usually only once a night, but she should be stating to sleep through the night now, especially since we're eating cereal like a big girl now! I do feel like we're regressing a little bit, too though b/c when she does wake up now it seems to be taking longer for her to go back to sleep. Before she would wake up, eat, and then go right back to sleep when I laid her back down. Now, she just wants to sit up and talk! She isn't fussing - she's just awake! Michael and I are exhausted, but it's still hard not to laugh sometimes b/c she is just sitting there jabbering on and on to herself and it's really cute to listen, too. I would enjoy it more, though if it were during daylight hours!

Today was our community garage sale. We didn't put anything in it this year, but we were up early still. Michael and our neighbor drove around to see what was out and about and found some things for Emma - this slide set and an exersaucer a  lot like this one. That's a great thing about living amongst lots of young parents - we all end up trading baby stuff!!! We're one of the younger ones so our stuff is not in the rotation just yet, but this time next year a lot of it will be and since a few neighbors are trying to get pregnant again there will be new babies to pass things along to!! :) after Emma's long morning nap we picked up the cake for the baby shower and head to Fulshear, Texas.  Never been there before, but it was definitely outside the city! Ha!! It was a very nice place, though in a VERY nice subdivision - we had to be on a list to even get passed the guard. My sister's neighborhood is like that, but their guard is a bit more lenient I think! Anyway - the place was nice like I said and I love my friend's family. They are all so much fun and there were tons of kids. Emma actually wasn't the youngest for a change - there was one baby girl there about a month younger than her! We all had a very good time. Towards the end, though one of my migraines came on so we left a bit sooner than I actually wanted to. I just couldn't handle it anymore, though - I needed to get home to lay down and since it took about an hour just to get home we had to say goodbye early.  I wish I could share pictures tonight, but both my card reader and the cable for my camera are at the office and I didn't feel like going up to work to get it so I'll just wait until Monday.  I took a self portrait tonight, too that I was going to post for 52 Weeks that won't get uploaded until at least Monday either. Needless to say my migraine is gone, though or at least not hurting as much, but I am pretty tired so I think I am going to sleep now!