Sunday, April 29, 2007
Emma and I are watching Playhouse Disney - before that we watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Did this replace the Mickey Mouse Club? I used to watch that all the time when I was little, but I haven't seen in on the Disney Channel. Emma likes to listen to the music! I bought her a xylophone this weekend - it's a very small one  with four "keys" shaped like a baby grand piano! She loves it! She'll be laying on the floor playing and I'll start hitting the keys and she just grins so big! Maybe that means she'll have an ear for music! That would be great - there is a lot of musical talent on my side of the family, but I didn't get any of it! I do like to listen, though and if you know her daddy you know that he loves music, too! Emma has actually been to a few concerts already! When I was pregnant we went to a few and I swear she was dancing to the music! Ha ha!

We've had a good weekend. Mine started on Thursday and I got a very good start to my weekend - I got a promotion at work! Yay me! Then Thursday night was a new episode of Grey's Anatomy. I was getting so sick of reruns that I have just about lost interest to be honest. Since the playoffs are on that is usually what is on at our house anyway!

Friday I had a doctor's appointment so Emma and I headed out early. Emma had so many friends at the doctor's office! My doctor's nurse had her giggling the whole time! Afterwards I picked up one of  my coworkers and we headed out to lunch - Berryhill, yummo! Then we went back to the office so Emma could visit. I haven't taken her up there to see everyone in a while so we visited for about an hour. When Michael came home from work we had to get ready for the crawfish boil his company puts on every year. It was fun, but the place was so cold that our food got cold really quick and boiled crawfish just isn't as tasty cold as it is hot. They had boiled shrimp, too that was very good...and hotdogs and hamburgers and stuff, too. This was the first time that Michael's coworkers had seen Emma so he was proud to show her off!!! Steven and Jamie went with us, too. We had a good time...but I think I'm done with crawfish this season. We've had it several times!!!

Yesterday Michael and I were up early - we went to a community garage sale to look around and ended up meeting up with his parents and going over to their house. We stayed over there through the morning and early afternoon. I was supposed to taken pictures of my nephew yesterday for his senior portraits, but he changed his plans to today. So...after a while we headed back home and started cleaning up around here. My jeep was full of sand from when Elaine and I took Emma to the beach last weekend so Michael and I cleaned out the jeep and he vacuumed it all out. Michael's brother and their friend came over later to watch the games - I stuck around for a while after I put Emma to bed, but I was so sleepy it wasn't long until I called it a night, too.

Last night before I went to bed, though I got another call from my sister. My nephew is going to work as a lifeguard this weekend and he has 10 hours of training to complete...she was calling to let me know that now his training was today...so, we're taking pictures next weekend. Miss Emma woke up about a hour ago...she had her b'fast and we played for a while and she's been sitting in her swing watch Mickey on TV and singing!! Now she has passed out. It is just that quick! She's playing one minute and then I see her start to act like she is going to fuss - she rubs her eyes a little - I give her her pacifier - she hugs up her blanket and bam, she's out! I only wish I could fall asleep that fast! She takes long morning naps, so she'll probably be out until around 10:00 or 11:00 (It's about 8:45 now). She started eating squash this weekend, too. Last week we started on carrots. So far she likes them both very much. After the squash we're going to try green beans and peas. I hope she likes those as much, too! We'll see!

I wasn't quite ready to wake up when Miss Emma was this morning so I think I am going to lay down on the couch for a little bit while she is napping in her swing! ;)