Critter Corner

Monday, April 30, 2007

We (and by "we" I really mean Michael) worked outside on Sunday! It was a beautiful day and Emma had fun sitting outside in her exersaucer watching her daddy - even though mommy slathered her down with sunblock! While we were outside Michael showed me a visitor we have dwelling in the front flower bed. Look closely (click to view a larger image) b/c he really blends in. This little frog is under the same rock every day Michael said!


After a while Emma & I decided to go next door to visit for a while and in a short while there was a knock on our neighbor's door - it was Michael. He had a bucket in tow and said he wanted to show our neighbor's little boy something. While he was working in the flower bed in the back yard he came upon this fellow wandering through the flowers:

He never poked his head out for us, but after he finished working outside Michael took him off to some water and said that when the turtle saw the water he started hauling butt for it and swam off!!! It was like wild kingdom at our house Sunday!!! ;)