Monday, April 30, 2007

Critter Corner

We (and by "we" I really mean Michael) worked outside on Sunday! It was a beautiful day and Emma had fun sitting outside in her exersaucer watching her daddy - even though mommy slathered her down with sunblock! While we were outside Michael showed me a visitor we have dwelling in the front flower bed. Look closely (click to view a larger image) b/c he really blends in. This little frog is under the same rock every day Michael said!


After a while Emma & I decided to go next door to visit for a while and in a short while there was a knock on our neighbor's door - it was Michael. He had a bucket in tow and said he wanted to show our neighbor's little boy something. While he was working in the flower bed in the back yard he came upon this fellow wandering through the flowers:

He never poked his head out for us, but after he finished working outside Michael took him off to some water and said that when the turtle saw the water he started hauling butt for it and swam off!!! It was like wild kingdom at our house Sunday!!! ;)

Crocodile Tears

Two seconds before this picture my baby girl was crying - you can see the tears still in her eyes. She just wanted her daddy to hold her I think!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Play me a song...


Emma and I are watching Playhouse Disney - before that we watched the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Did this replace the Mickey Mouse Club? I used to watch that all the time when I was little, but I haven't seen in on the Disney Channel. Emma likes to listen to the music! I bought her a xylophone this weekend - it's a very small one  with four "keys" shaped like a baby grand piano! She loves it! She'll be laying on the floor playing and I'll start hitting the keys and she just grins so big! Maybe that means she'll have an ear for music! That would be great - there is a lot of musical talent on my side of the family, but I didn't get any of it! I do like to listen, though and if you know her daddy you know that he loves music, too! Emma has actually been to a few concerts already! When I was pregnant we went to a few and I swear she was dancing to the music! Ha ha!

We've had a good weekend. Mine started on Thursday and I got a very good start to my weekend - I got a promotion at work! Yay me! Then Thursday night was a new episode of Grey's Anatomy. I was getting so sick of reruns that I have just about lost interest to be honest. Since the playoffs are on that is usually what is on at our house anyway!

Friday I had a doctor's appointment so Emma and I headed out early. Emma had so many friends at the doctor's office! My doctor's nurse had her giggling the whole time! Afterwards I picked up one of  my coworkers and we headed out to lunch - Berryhill, yummo! Then we went back to the office so Emma could visit. I haven't taken her up there to see everyone in a while so we visited for about an hour. When Michael came home from work we had to get ready for the crawfish boil his company puts on every year. It was fun, but the place was so cold that our food got cold really quick and boiled crawfish just isn't as tasty cold as it is hot. They had boiled shrimp, too that was very good...and hotdogs and hamburgers and stuff, too. This was the first time that Michael's coworkers had seen Emma so he was proud to show her off!!! Steven and Jamie went with us, too. We had a good time...but I think I'm done with crawfish this season. We've had it several times!!!

Yesterday Michael and I were up early - we went to a community garage sale to look around and ended up meeting up with his parents and going over to their house. We stayed over there through the morning and early afternoon. I was supposed to taken pictures of my nephew yesterday for his senior portraits, but he changed his plans to today. So...after a while we headed back home and started cleaning up around here. My jeep was full of sand from when Elaine and I took Emma to the beach last weekend so Michael and I cleaned out the jeep and he vacuumed it all out. Michael's brother and their friend came over later to watch the games - I stuck around for a while after I put Emma to bed, but I was so sleepy it wasn't long until I called it a night, too.

Last night before I went to bed, though I got another call from my sister. My nephew is going to work as a lifeguard this weekend and he has 10 hours of training to complete...she was calling to let me know that now his training was, we're taking pictures next weekend. Miss Emma woke up about a hour ago...she had her b'fast and we played for a while and she's been sitting in her swing watch Mickey on TV and singing!! Now she has passed out. It is just that quick! She's playing one minute and then I see her start to act like she is going to fuss - she rubs her eyes a little - I give her her pacifier - she hugs up her blanket and bam, she's out! I only wish I could fall asleep that fast! She takes long morning naps, so she'll probably be out until around 10:00 or 11:00 (It's about 8:45 now). She started eating squash this weekend, too. Last week we started on carrots. So far she likes them both very much. After the squash we're going to try green beans and peas. I hope she likes those as much, too! We'll see!

I wasn't quite ready to wake up when Miss Emma was this morning so I think I am going to lay down on the couch for a little bit while she is napping in her swing! ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Jamie & Steven found out they are having a little girl!!! Congratulations! Now I can go shopping for my new little niece!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Update part 2

So, what else is going on? I thought about making yesterday's post a draft until I could really finish it, but then I thought short posts would be better on the eyes for everyone!

Saturday after taking Emma to the beach with Elaine I came home to a house full of people! Everyone came over to watch the Rockets since that was the first day of the playoffs - it was also a crawfish boil & fish fry as it turns out! It was a lot of fun and good food!

Sunday was a bit more relaxing, though we did have company again. My parents and Grannie came over to visit since she was in town for the weekend! Grannie doesn't get to see Emma as often as any of us would like, so I take advantage of every opportunity for her to visit! She got a kick out of watching Emma in her exersaucer! She was also impressed with Michael's mad gardening skills and checked out all the new flowers and plants and the veggies he's got sprouting! Emma will have garden fresh squash in no time!

Monday started another workweek and again we had more company. Michael's friend came over to watch the game last night and I had to leave them to it not too long after Emma went to sleep. I was exhausted. Tonight, thankfully we have no one visiting! I love you each and every one, but I need my downtime, too! Ha ha!

If Michael has the games on again tonight I may spend some time working on my closet. I've been meaning to get it cleaned out FOREVER. I have separated most everything into "keep" and "get rid of" sections and even have a box sitting in the middle of my closet to fill - is it full? Nope. It's still empty! I need to go shopping desperately, but I want to clean out before I add anything else in there. Since she is eating more Emma seems to be getting sleepy earlier in the evening so I'll take advantage of that extra time and hopefully get some work done - notice I say hopefully! I've been talking about doing this for a very long time...

I can't remember (and I'm being lazy and not looking) if I wrote about my cousin having surgery or not. He had a cyst in one of his kidneys for a while and the doctors told him they wouldn't do anything about it unless it changed. Well, it grew inside his kidney to over 1/2 the size of his kidney - so it was time to do something about it. They told him it was malignant, but that just from looking at it - no biopsy or blood work or anything. Well, last Friday they removed his kidney. Everything went very well. When they were closing him up they had a bleeder and it took a little longer, but were able to take care of it. He went home yesterday already and though sore, seems to be doing well. It will take about a week to know if it was truly malignant or not - either way, though the doctors have told him that since they removed it all together he should not have to go through any chemo treatments. He was scared before going in, but seems to be handling everything very well now - he just needs lot of rest.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Time for an update...

It is starting to look like a photoblog around here these days! I have just been so busy I haven't had time for much more than posting pics, though.

We've made some progress in the sleep department, though. Emma has moved to her own room in her own bed and is starting to sleep through the night! Thank you baby girl!!! It is so nice! She has also started eating veggies - we started with carrots!! She really seems to like them a lot, too! This past weekend she and I spent the afternoon at the beach with Elaine - that was her first beach trip. I bought her a cute little bikini, but she didn't wear it b/c I didn't have any intentions of putting her in the water - this summer, though. It's still too cold for her I think! I think she had a good time, though. I slathered her down with spf 50 sunblock, but didn't put any on me so I have a farmer's sunburn as a result!! LOL!

Otherwise, it's just been work, school, and family keeping me busy day to day! Well, and photos, too. I finally got Photoshop CS2 (I could only find CS3 on the Adobe site - interesting) and have started shooting my pics in RAW. I've had my DSLR for how long and am just now doing this...I know, I know! But I'm with it now, thank you very much!

School is just about over for this semester, too. My paper is all but complete - I am just waiting on a bit of feedback from my professor before I finalize everything and turn it in. I'll be glad to have it finished!

It's rainiy outside so I am going to keep this update short so I can get out of her and get on the road to pick up Miss Emma. I promise to not fall so far behind & let you know what's been going on better in the future! ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

My Sweet Girl

Emma loves her new exersaucer and I love it b/c I can get cute pictures of her while she plays!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Multimedia message

Emma's new toy! She loves this!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

She had a stimulating day...

but I think she is finally down for the night! Or at least for a few hours - yes, Emma is still waking up at night. Usually only once a night, but she should be stating to sleep through the night now, especially since we're eating cereal like a big girl now! I do feel like we're regressing a little bit, too though b/c when she does wake up now it seems to be taking longer for her to go back to sleep. Before she would wake up, eat, and then go right back to sleep when I laid her back down. Now, she just wants to sit up and talk! She isn't fussing - she's just awake! Michael and I are exhausted, but it's still hard not to laugh sometimes b/c she is just sitting there jabbering on and on to herself and it's really cute to listen, too. I would enjoy it more, though if it were during daylight hours!

Today was our community garage sale. We didn't put anything in it this year, but we were up early still. Michael and our neighbor drove around to see what was out and about and found some things for Emma - this slide set and an exersaucer a  lot like this one. That's a great thing about living amongst lots of young parents - we all end up trading baby stuff!!! We're one of the younger ones so our stuff is not in the rotation just yet, but this time next year a lot of it will be and since a few neighbors are trying to get pregnant again there will be new babies to pass things along to!! :) after Emma's long morning nap we picked up the cake for the baby shower and head to Fulshear, Texas.  Never been there before, but it was definitely outside the city! Ha!! It was a very nice place, though in a VERY nice subdivision - we had to be on a list to even get passed the guard. My sister's neighborhood is like that, but their guard is a bit more lenient I think! Anyway - the place was nice like I said and I love my friend's family. They are all so much fun and there were tons of kids. Emma actually wasn't the youngest for a change - there was one baby girl there about a month younger than her! We all had a very good time. Towards the end, though one of my migraines came on so we left a bit sooner than I actually wanted to. I just couldn't handle it anymore, though - I needed to get home to lay down and since it took about an hour just to get home we had to say goodbye early.  I wish I could share pictures tonight, but both my card reader and the cable for my camera are at the office and I didn't feel like going up to work to get it so I'll just wait until Monday.  I took a self portrait tonight, too that I was going to post for 52 Weeks that won't get uploaded until at least Monday either. Needless to say my migraine is gone, though or at least not hurting as much, but I am pretty tired so I think I am going to sleep now!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

15 minutes until my weekend starts... is my Friday!! I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for tomorrow, but it's been moved - which is actually good b/c I have so much to get done tomorrow.

 We're going to be gone most of Saturday to a couple's shower that is a couple hours away from home. I am one of the hostesses so I have to get stuff done for that, too. I also am going to try to get a ton of work done on my paper - I am about 1/3 of the way finished with it. I want to finish is completely (or at least enough to get a critique from my professor) by next week - so tomorrow morning during Emma's long morning nap is when I hope to get most of that done!

It's been such a busy week up here - it has just flown by!! I sure hope the rest of the weekend is as beautiful as it is today. I didn't want to come back in from lunch today!

Oh and I found out I am going to be moving yet again. I'll only be moving one floor down, but that still means I have to rebox everything that I just got unpacked! They are restacking the tower so just about everyone is about to do the same thing. We're supposed to be moved in the next few weeks, though. I think we're one of the first groups. I'm just ready to get settled already!!!

Let's see - what else is going on? That's about it I think - work, school, and family!!! Yep, that's about 100% of my life right now! Emma is growing like crazy! I hope to get some cute pictures this weekend at the shower, too. I haven't taken any all week long - that's a record I think. We're still learning to eat with a spoon, but it's getting there. We do pretty good for a while, but she definitely let's me know when she is tired of trying to figure out the spoon and then the rest of her cereal goes into her bottle to finish it off! Not rushing anything! She has another doctor's appointment next Friday - just a follow up to make sure her slight ear infection is completely gone. I think I am going to ask them to weigh her again while we're there - just b/c I want to know how much she's gained in the last three weeks.

Well, it's six minutes until the weekend now so I am going to get things shut down here so I can get on the road!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Bow

Happy Easter!

 This is the first time I ever put a bow in her hair...Michael was unsure about it, but like I told him, she is a girl after all. There have to be bows at some point! She didn't seem to mind it, though b/c she never pulled on it! It was cute, but not a daily accessory for her!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Coolest Camera Bag Evah!

My new camera bag came yesterday! It is just fabulous and just the perfect size!! It's actually the smallest in this series, but is just right for me...though if I add one more lens or a flash I might have to upgrade! It's so comfortable to wear, too and I love the all weather cover for it and it's so accessible! Now traveling will be so much easier - before I was carrying several little bags to accomdate everything! Now, if only my tripod fit in there!! Ha ha!

Go check out the rest of the views at Flickr...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Time for an update

We had such a nice weekend!! Friday was my day off and Emma's 4 month appointment. She weighed in at 15 pounds and 2 ounces and was 25.5 inches long!! She is growing so well! We're adding cereal to our diet on a regular basis now and eating it with a spoon!! After three weeks of that it will be on to veggies!! She is such a big girl now! She is jabbering all the time now and rolling over all the time now! She responds so much more and giggles a lot, too! (Every sentence has an exclaimation point b/c all this is exciting stuff!!! )

Okay, there was a little unhappy part about her appointment, but nothing too bad. She has a slight ear infection - probably left over from the little cold she had a couple weeks ago. And her left eye was still watering quite a bit, so her doctor put her on antibiotics and ear drops to help clear them both up. Since Friday her eye hasn't watered at all and she doesn't seem to be bothered by her ear, though actually she never did. We go back in three weeks for a follow up appointment.

Michael also took a half day on Friday and we headed up to East Texas to visit my family - last week was my cousin's birthday and the whole family was up to visit! Grannie doesn't get to see Emma too much so I take advantage of every opportunity to let them visit. We had such a good weekend even though there was a bit of rain - it really rained the most at night so our days weren't disturbed by the weather.

My cousin is actually about to have major surgery, too. He has a mass in one of his kidneys that is taking up more than half of his kidney - the doctors have said it looks like cancer, but obviously won't know until they do a biopsy. Either way, though he does have to have his kidney removed. The doctors have told him that if the kidney is removed and all the mass is removed in tact he shouldn't have to go through any chemo treatments - but hopefully when they remove it they'll find it to be benign anyway. So, please keep him in your thoughts. He has great spirits about the whole situation, though.

We came home tonight and finally have everything put up and are ready to relax a bit now...though, actually I do need to do some work on my paper! Have a good night!