Photos Delivered in 4 minutes

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Michael and I spent Saturday at the rodeo - we had a blast! It was really great b/c we haven't really taken time for just the two of us in a long time & I really missed that! We won Emma several stuffed animals playing carnival games and took fun pics in a photo booth (these are up in my office now...), watched the rodea, ate food that was bad for us, and saw Clay Walker in concert! We even saw grown men fight over cheap beach balls (during one song in his concerts they always throw a bunch of beach balls in the audience to bounce around)!!! All around it was a really great day...and beautiful weather so I got a lot of good pictures.

All of my rodeo pics are at Fotki, but I also made a set of a few of my favorites at Flickr (I may add more to this set later...)!!