New Mommy Tips: Diaper Bags

Wednesday, March 07, 2007
I never imagined that choosing a diaper bag would be one of the harder choices of all my parenting needs, but it was. I went through several before I found the perfect ones - yep, that's plural - I have multiple. I returned several before finding the ones that best suited my needs. So, here's what I have and why I like them:

While shopping for maternity clothes I found a bad similar to this one for like $50+ dollars; I didn't want to spend that much on a bag just for its looks so I never bought it. I had seen this bag in a catalog I get and ordered it just b/c I liked the bag a long time ago. After I got, though I realized it was perfect to use as a diaper bag - so needless to say it became my everyday diaper bag! It has one large compartment in the center with several little side pockets inside and out and a long adjustable shoulder strap. It came with a cell phone case, too that I use off and on. I really like this bag for every day use b/c it's practical, it was very inexpensive, and I think it's really pretty (I have the red one). **it seems the link won't work b/c my bag isn't available through ABC anymore...which sux, b/c I thought about buying another one in a different color just b/c I really like mine**

I also have another bag which came off my registry - my sister bought this one for me and filled it with goodies. This bag is great for quick trips b/c it's very small and light. I load it up with the essentials and my wallet and I'm out the door!!! The third bag I have is the biggest - it's more for overnight trips. It's pretty in pink and from Jeep - it also matches the new umbrella stoller we bought, but that's another new mommy post!!! This might actually be my favorite bag, even though it's the biggest b/c everything is so accessible and easy to find!!

Another good tip about diaper bags - however many you have, keep them packed at all times! I keep diapers, wipes, powder, hand sanitizer, a blanket (usually just a thin receiving blanket), and maybe a onsie in all my bags at all times - having the essentials already there it's easy to switch between bags. One less thing to slow you down when you're trying to get out of the door. I also have little organizers to use for diapers - my favorite is this one b/c it has a changing mat that folds up inside with the diapers! I keep it with one diaper bag and keep this one (I have the green and pink polka dot one) in another bag - I got this one as a shower gift and love it, too!! These hold about 2 or 3 diapers each and a wipee container. Of course, these can also both just be carried alone without a diaper bag, though!!! I bought and took back several bags, b/c many LOOK great, but just are not functional! So...keep the receipt and the tags b/c you just have to try them out to know if you're going to like 'em!!