Is it only 11:18?

Friday, March 16, 2007
My Happy Girl isn't very happy tonight. She has been fussy since about six o'clock and has been trying to go to sleep since around eight o'clock. I don't know if she is having bad gas pains tonight or if her teeth are trying to come in. She's been fed, rocked, changed, given Mylicon, and poor baby just isn't being comforted.

I think now she may finally really be down for the night, though. This is the longest she's stayed in bed tonight. One thing I've learned being a mommy - patience. I have more patience than ever when it comes to Emma and that is something I never would have thought possible! Me patient? I am my father's daughter after all and patience isn't a gene he passed on!!! LOL!! :D But with Emma it just came - but having patience doesn't mean that I don't get sleepy - and that's what I am right now.

So...I'm going to be presumptuous and think she is asleep for the night and take my own self to bed!!!