Bark no more?

Saturday, March 24, 2007
You know we've been dealing with the issue of two annoying, barking dogs in the neighborhood - yeah, they're ours. Well, I think we've solved our problem. It only took me two years to finally convince Michael to try a bark collar on the dogs! Ha ha! I don't know why, but here recently they just started getting worse and worse...mostly Ace (the cocker spaniel) really - Oreo (cocker/terrier mix) will usually be quiet when you tell him to. He's a smart dog - he's just loud! I said here recently it was getting to be completely unbearable - especially at night. Maybe it is because they are jealous of Emma. I am trying more and more to get them around her. I take her outside and we sit on the swing together in the back yard so Ace and Oreo can come check her out.

Anyway...last week we bought this collar. At first I was skeptical b/c I thought they were too old to learn...and that first night Ace still barked a while. I think it just took him a while to realize the pain he was feeling was being caused by his own loud self! At night Ace reminded me of a smoke detector that had a low Arf (high pitched) - wait 5 seconds - Arf - wait 5 seconds - Arf...and on and on and on like this for what seemed like forever. So, after a while he actually quit barking...and since then it's been peaceful.

We take it off during the day while we're away at work...just in case. Ya know...don't want to be at work if the silly collar decides to go crazy and not turn off or something like that. Well, today I tried it on Oreo, too and it seems to be working just as well as it did with Ace. And great thing - Ace hasn't had it on all evening and yet I still haven't heard him back once! Maybe after they each take turns wearing it a while they won't have to wear it at all later! I can't believe how well it's working - not to jinx it now!