Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Digs

Emma got some new digs this week from Miss Pat - she had to try them on immediately of course!!

We made it through my first week back at work...and by "we" I mean me. Emma didn't have an issue - it was just me! Trying to pump at work has been an experience this week, too. I have been so busy (as I already posted about) and trying to find the time to pump is a real issue. Since I went to feed her during lunch this week it was alright, but I won't be doing that every day so I am going to try to pump during lunch, too. As long as I can get at least three bottles a day we should be good - and then on the weekends I am going to try to put a few in the freezer. Now I know why so many people turn to formula not long after returning to work. I am going to try hard to put off formula as long as I possibly can, though.

It has been hard to keep up with stuff at home- after work I only have a few hours before bed and Emma gets most of my time so things like housework suffer - mostly laundry this week. I've had two loads of Miss Emma's clothes this week. I've got them folded and most everything put up, but not all. Michael helped in the kitchen, so it's actually clean. The only other thing that really has been neglected is dusting. I need to get some more of those swiffer dusters - they are great! I'm off tomorrow, though so I am going to try to get those two things (laundry & dusting) done before the weekend gets rolling!

It was fine, though - now we have a nice long four day weekend. Yay!!
This weekend we're going to see Grannie up in East Texas. She hasn't seen Emma since New Year's. She can't wait to see her!!


  1. I'm right there with you on the breastfeeding struggle. Where does the day go?? I actually schedule pump time in my Outlook just so I get a reminder to drop what I'm doing and go to it! Now that I've got a schedule down, it's just perfect as I read work things (magazines, email print outs, etc) while expressing so I feel like I'm getting ahead on 'Quadrant 2' stuff.

    Congrats on getting back to work this week. You can enjoy your long weekend knowing that you have, indeed, conquered the world :) Mommies rock!

  2. Miss Pat is so awesome. I just love her so. Emma looks adorable.

  3. I did the same thing that Katya did...put it in Outlook to remind me. If not your day goes by. Once you get your schedule down, you will do fine!

  4. Actually...I did the same thing, too. I have two reminders a day and even a third reminder at the end of the day to get the bottles out of the fridge!!!


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