Friday, February 02, 2007

I miss my baby girl...

in the header image that is...

I thought I would play with a few of the new themes for WP, but this one doesn't have a customizable header image so my baby girl's banner is no longer. I will probably revert back to the other theme just so I can see her picture on there.

This is a pretty cool looking theme, though - I like the brown and green together and I like the flowers as well.  One of these days I am going back to and use the downloaded version of WP, but today I just don't have the time to deal with all that. So, in the meantime this version fulfills all my blog needs. I need to make a new banner image anyway. Emma has grown and changed so much since I created the other banner image. She is growing too, too fast!!!

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  1. I like this theme, too.

    You can point back to this blog. That's what I did with my domain. It's like $10 a year, but that's cheaper than a year of hosting for me.


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