Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Productive Day

I have had so many projects I've wanted to get done while on maternity leave. I've got a few of them done, but there were still a couple lingering. Most importantly my pantry! It needed reorganizing so badly. It was a mess and not being used efficiently. So, today that's what I tackled. I started just cleaning up the kitchen and ended up on the floor organizing all my tupperware then moved to the pantry and that's what I've been doing most of the day today.

After I got the kitchen all cleaned it was Emma's turn...so she got bathed and fed and is now sleeping sweetly! I still need to finish my bedroom - I washed the sheets on our bed, but haven't got them back on the bed yet. After that is done I am finished with the house for today and will be able to get myself cleaned up provided Emma doesn't wake up about that time. I get a little nervous showering while it's just the two of us here - scared I won't hear her - so most of the time I just wait until Michael gets home or jump in and out of the shower quickly right after I put her down for a nap. I may wait on Michael today, though since he'll be home in a couple hours.

I am just so glad to get my kitchen back in order - it had been in disarray for too long. The next big project is the closet in the guest room. It's just acting as storage, but it isn't organized at all. Mostly it's full of blankets and boxes of things that are either for garage sale or just things I don't have out right now. I have so much stuff I have to recycle it from time to time b/c there is just too much. I need to get a more organized storage system, though. I need to get the garage sale/giveaway stuffy out of there entirely, though. I just don't have another place to put it.

Well...time to get the bedroom finished before Emma wakes up again!!

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