Ice Day

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Well, we don't have snow days here in Houston, but we do have ice days. Schools are closed all over town today and Michael's boss called him this morning and said they weren't going to work until noon today. I hope they just tell them to take the whole day off, though b/c it will be just as bad this evening on the way home as it is this morning. There are wrecks all over town according to the news...there was a 25 car pile up on the south side of town!!!! People just aren't slowing down they are saying on the news.

We're nice and cozy inside right now and I even have a fire going! My neighbor, who is a teacher, is staying home today, too due to school closings and my other neighbor is on maternity leave like me so maybe we'll have to have everyone over to make smores! :)

I went outside to see how much ice there was earlier and my jeep has icicles all over it...and all the leaves are solid ice, too. According to the news this is supposed to be going on tomorrow, too. I don't know if it will be any better or worse, though.

I hope you can stay home today, but if you're here in Houston and have to go to work be very careful.

UPDATE: Thankfully Michael's work called and said they didn't have to come in at all today!! He was just getting ready to go, too so they called just in time and now he can stay here with us where it's nice and cozy and warm!