Monday, January 15, 2007

Blackmail Video

I read an article that suggested recording Emma crying...of course, when she is crying my camera is the last thing on my mind. It kills me to hear her crying, but I have learned her different cries. She has one when she is hurting (and that one breaks my heart) and she has one when she is tired and fighting sleep. That one can be almost comical. She lets out a very animated "Waah, Waah" like it's scripted or something! I still don't really like to hear that one either, but after coming to terms with the fact that she isn't in pain I was able to grab my camera while she was crying last night.

I recorded a short video last night - she was fighting sleep so hard!! She didn't have a good nap during the day so she was pretty cranky. This is one that will be good to have handy when she starts dating! Our parents had naked pictures of us or shots of us on the potty - today we have videos on the web!!! Ha ha!

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  1. yeah, with all the videos and pictures parents take these days, the amount of blackmail material is huge! I'm always taking retarded pictures and stuff of our kids. The Boy is already in the "stop taking my picture" stage...and he hides a lot. haha

    I know how you feel about the crying. David always would say "just let her cry a little" haha. yeah right! I pretty much held her or had her in a swing all day until she was big enough to actually play. (and of course, she slept with me...still does sometimes. hehe)


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