Sunday, December 03, 2006

Welcome Baby Emma!

Dec. 3, 2006 @ 10:04 AM
7 lb. 12 oz - 21" long


A kiss from Mom...


  1. Congrats! I love this pic. Ok, post - one day you are eating ice and the next you are having a baby?!! Tell us what happened.

    Congratulations, she is lovely.

  2. in the pics i've seen, she really looks like you. congrats again to you and Michael for such a beautiful addition. :D

  3. Wow, so beautiful, mommy and Emma. Congratulations! Y'all made a beautiful baby girl, and I'm so happy for y'all.

  4. Congrats, She is so CUTE!!!! Willie and I are so happy for you both. Jamie updated us on all the news I'm glad everything went well. Willie and I left a message on Mike's cell to call after you get home. Tell baby Emma we said HI!!!!

  5. Congrats!! I guess she had other plans for you....looks like you won't be taking your accounting final today!

  6. How adorable!!!!!

  7. HANNA, SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Congrats to you and Michael!!

    Please send me a note when you catch your breath!

    Congrats again!!!

    Your cajun friend :)


  8. [...] I can’t believe I didn’t get online long enough on Sunday to post about this - Baby Emma has arrived! Hanna had her baby girl on Sunday morning! She is so beautiful - I can’t wait to see her in person! (You know I have great plans to photograph her. I wonder if taking pictures once a week would be a bit over the top?) [...]

  9. Just realized that my last comment is not on here. Congratulations! Mommy and baby look absolutely beautiful. When you get a chance, visit the link I put for my web site. There's a little something for you there!


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