Quiet means busy...

Thursday, November 09, 2006
I know I've been quiet this week...it's b/c things are so busy. Especially here at work. There is so much going on - I am glad tomorrow is my Friday off. I still have a lot to keep me busy tomorrow, but at least I won't have to come into the office.

I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and I really need to get the oil changed in my jeep and the tires rotated. We're going to East Texas this weekend, too. On Saturday I am having a shower. I still need to get one more hostess give for that shower, so I can do that tomorrow, too. 

We are getting Emma's room more and more put together. We put the border up last Friday and hung the canopy & a hammock for stuffed animals (I love stuffed animals) and when I came home yesterday Michael had all the linens on the crib. It looks great - pictures to come when it's all done!

Class last night got cancelled, but I have accounting tonight. I already checked my grades, though and I got an A on last week's test!! Yay me!!!! I did really feel very confident coming out of the exam!

Well, other than that there really isn't much to update about...but now I have a meeting to get ready for. Like I said, busy, busy!