I'm ready for the holidays...

Friday, November 17, 2006
Actually, the holidays can bring a lot of stress for me unfortunately, but this year I can't afford to stress! I'm going to have a new baby after all!

After today, though I am going to be off for nine days...including the weekends of course so maybe I can relax a bit now! I am anxious to take advantage of this week off, too. Michael has gone to the deer lease one last time before it gets way too close to Emma's arrival so my parents are coming to stay with me over the weekend. Mother and I are going to finish getting Emma's room organized and do some errands I have to get finished. I need to get all of her clothes washed & organized by size so it will all be ready when she gets here. I also need to get our bags packed for the hospital, though I am not really sure what I will need exactly!

I figured I should also use the time next week to also get started on my Christmas shopping. Our Christmas list is so long & there is no way I'll feel like doing if after she gets here!! I wanted to do more shopping online this year, but that takes just as much time as going to the stores when you don't know what to get everyone! Ha ha!

I only have a few more weeks of school, too which means final exams & projects. I am taking my accounting final early (thanks professor) and am not really sure how my marketing class is going to go. I think, since I have an A anyway, my professor said if I end up missing the final he may not even make me take it! I have an A in accounting, too, but I don't think that professor would go for me skipping his final!!

Work is getting busy, too simply b/c I am trying to do as much as possible before I go out on maternity leave. There is a certain part of my job that I may have to continue to do still while out on maternity leave...thankfully I am pretty sure I can do it all from home at least. If not, the most I would have to come in would be for 1/2 a day & only once a month for the part I couldn't do at home. I have been doing this task for the entire 6 years that I have been here & have never had a back up in case I was gone. Does that mean I'm indispensable? No such thing!!! Really it means I need to write up my procedures!!! :D

So, what else is going on? Actually, I think that's enough!!! Though, I do need to try to get a haircut next week, too!