Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holiday Party

We got an email today announcing the details of our Christmas Party this year for work. We never have company wide parties like this b/c we're so big, but this year they are making exception! We're going to be downtown w/ private clubs, acts, various music, and entertainment & a private concert by Clay Walker (swoon)!!! We are also getting great rates on the rooms so we don't have to drive home that night - which will be awesome! This way we can get there early, check in, relax, and then just get dressed there. Now, I just hope that Miss Emma allows me to go! I really would like to go, but if she decides to make an early appearance it may not be up to me! But, I think I'll take her over Mr. Walker any day!!!!


  1. That's cool! WAY better than the ol' Home Depot sitting-at-some-folding-tables-down-the-lumber-aisle party I'll probably be attending. haha

  2. Sound better than what we lunch in the office.

  3. If she comes early, I'll go see Clay Walker in your place. I don't mind at all. Wouldn't want that to go to waste, you know. ;-)


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