Sleepless nights already...

Thursday, October 05, 2006
I guess Miss Emma (yep, that's her name - though we still don't have a middle name) is getting me ready for her arrival. I don't get any sleep at night these days. Mostly just b/c I cannot get comfortable. I am a stomach sleeper and needless to say cannot sleep on my stomach now. I toss & turn a lot during the night - not only b/c of just discomfort, but out right pain. I lay on one side for a while and then that shoulder or hip starts to hurt. And then at least once I have to get up & go to the bathroom. It's very frustrating and poor Michael...I know I must keep him up, too. Practice for when she gets here for him as well, I guess!!!

Last night I didn't even make it to class...I barely made it through the day at work. I went home, fixed dinner, cleaned up, and spent the rest of the evening on the couch. I was actually falling asleep shortly after 8:00 & in bed around 8:30. I have never been able to nap before. I always woke up feeling hung over and even more groggy & tired. I think it's time I learned the value of napping, though!!! Might even try to start sneaking in a quick nap during lunch - just close my doors & my blinds & take a little power nap! I remember doing that in college & it was refreshing...maybe I need to just start doing that again!

I am going to the doctor every two weeks now since my last trimester started. Next Tuesday I'll go for my third & final ultrasound - so I'll have some more pics of our baby girl to post!!! I can't wait to see her again!!! My doctor is also pregnant - with twins - and has been put on partial bedrest so she is only seeing patients in the AM from now until after the baby is born. She is still delivering & doing surgeries, though. She is two weeks behind me, but is having a c-section around Thanksgiving I think. Twins usually come way early I hear. She is only planning on taking two weeks off (which I can't believe), so hopefully she'll be there when Emma arrives. If not, her partners are good doctors - I just would rather have someone I'm familiar with there for me. She says she is only taking two weeks b/c with so many pregnant women counting on her she can't afford to take off more time than that. Now that's dedication!!!! Another reason I really like my doctor!