She's going to be here early...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Well, was pretty close - Emma weighs approximately 3lbs & 13oz - nearly 4lbs already!!!! She is growing fast. The doctor thinks she is going to be here much earlier than we expected! My original due date is December 22nd & though my doctor isn't changing it, she said from the ultrasound today and seeing how big she was already, she may be here as early as December 9th! If she keeps growing at this rate, we may have a Thanksgiving baby instead of a Christmas baby!!

We got a good view of her today! We saw her yawning...and we saw a 4D picture, too. She has my nose!!! A little pug nose!!! It was so sweet - like a picture of a baby already born!!! We didn't get those printed, though - they are just on the video. We did get some new pictures, though that I'll have to get scanned. She printed one today that shows for sure she's a little girl!

My parents came with us today! I am so glad mother is able to be out and about now so she can do things with me! Afterwards we went shopping with them to find them a pair of recliners and then mother helped me put together hostess gifts for my baby showers! She is feeling lots better! She still has a hard time with the drop foot and pain where she is healing from her surgeries, but she is so much better still. She still has a long way to recovery and sometimes she gets down and discouraged, but I know she is going to be alright - and most importantly...there are still no signs of cancer! We can deal with the drop foot!!! She'll be here for Emma and that's what is important! I think she really enjoyed the day today - I know I did!

I'm going to the doctor every two weeks now and will continue that for three more appointments or 6 weeks and then I start going once a week. I am going to have to work something out with my professors if she really does end up coming that early! My two finals are scheduled for December 13th & 14th!!! I have good professors this semester, though and being graduate school they understand that most of their students aren't typical - that we have families and other things that come up so they are good to work with us when that happens.

It's been a rainy afternoon - perfect napping weather and I think that's just what I am going to do now!