Thursday, October 19, 2006


This is our baby girl's latest picture!! This will be the last one until she is actually here! I am getting so excited!! Just a few more weeks now!

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  1. [...] Hmm… other news… still active in the garden club as historian although I mostly ignored my garden this summer. I know, I am a bad gardener. I’ve had some success on eBay selling mostly vintage silver jewelry from my collection and that has helped raised a few funds to help with some of the initial photography business costs. Oh, I am also getting really excited about Hanna’s upcoming arrival, Emma, who will be a Sagittarian just like me! And next week Kenny and I celebrate 8 years of marriage, can you believe it?? Heidi and Ginger continue to be their funny dogselves and are fortunately happy and healthy despite their age (both are 13). [...]


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