Bachelor Spoiler

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
She just can't stay away. She finally gets the boot, but now they are going to bring her right back next week to turn all the girls against one another! And I still don't understand why he is keeping Desiree - she is mildly cute & funny, but everytime she says "Hey Baby..." it makes me think of Austin Powers! ACK! As for the rest, except for how cocky Lisa seems to be getting, I think like the rest so far. I don't have a real favorite, though I know I don't want Lisa to win now.

Anyway...we also watched How I Met Your Mother last night - we love that show! Too funny - I love Doogie, er, I mean Barney! And mainly just b/c it comes on right after this, I've started watching The Class. It's okay - not the best show I've watched, but it's entertaining.

I don't have Accounting this week so I splurged on TV!! Can't do that everyday!