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Happy Halloween!


This is one of the pics I took yesterday at the photography class we went to at Arbor Gate Nursery. Michael and I bought a beautiful pumpkin a while back, but we still haven't carved it yet. We don't have any candy for tomorrow night tonight we're going to be busy! I sure hope we have more trick-or-treaters this year, though. Last year the rain kept them all indoors! There are several houses on our street all decorated for Halloween & my neighbors 10 month old son is a cute little ghost so I'll have to get pictures of both him and the houses tonight!

Over Stressed?

8 Months Already

I had my 32 week appointment on says everything is progressing just fine. She said I am having a completely normal pregnancy & a big baby!! :)

So, here's where things should be according to
Your baby is now 19.4 inches from head to toe and weighs about 4.4 pounds, and you are probably both very aware that it is getting more and more cramped in there. Your baby's adrenal glands have grown and are producing hormones that stimulate you to lactate. Are you thinking about food more in this home-stretch? Seafood can boost the development of your baby's brain, which will develop most during the ninth month. However, the FDA recommends you consume no more than one serving per month of shark and swordfish due to potentially higher levels of methyl mercury found in these fish.
I think Emma is bigger than that, she was 3lbs 13oz at my last appointment!!

I was off work on Friday so that morning I met my sisters (who also had the day off…

Mug Shot

Camping at Lake Texana - the deer were everywhere and are nearly tame as they came right up in our camp site!

Lovely Lowback Support

Earlier this week I had a back support ordered for my chair at work - it came today!! Ah, and it's so wonderful! The further along I get in my pregnancy the more my back hurts & sitting at a computer all day definitely doesn't help! Now my chair is so much more comfy!!
While I am gone on maternity leave Kathy, our admin that ordered it for me, is going to use it in her office!!! Everyone is going to want one when they see how awesome it feels!! Hee hee - I love being a trend setter!

51 degrees

Yep...that's what the temperature read as I pulled into the garage at work!!! It's wonderful! I am so loving this cool weather - and even got to wear my new wrap for the first time!!! I hope it stays this way for a while!

 Oh...I forgot to add that when I got home from work yesterday Michael had the windows opened & we even slept with one slightly open in our bedroom!!! It was so nice!


This is our baby girl's latest picture!! This will be the last one until she is actually here! I am getting so excited!! Just a few more weeks now!

Campaign for Real Beauty

A friend sent this to me as a forward & I thought it was worth sharing.

When more than 90% of girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance,
it's clear that our perception of beauty is distorted. Dove created the Campaign for Real Beauty to
widen the narrow definition of beauty — and help raise the self-esteem of women and young girls.

To find out how the "effortless" beauty we see on billboards is actually created, please click on the
link below to see a short film from Dove and learn how you can get involved.
Click Here to View the Film

Celebrity Fun...

I found this at Pamela's site - honestly, I don't really think I look like any of them, but it was still fun! You can even see if you resemble anyone of the opposite sex! 

Give it a try yourself & leave a comment if you do so I can check your's out, too!

Bachelor Spoiler

She just can't stay away. She finally gets the boot, but now they are going to bring her right back next week to turn all the girls against one another! And I still don't understand why he is keeping Desiree - she is mildly cute & funny, but everytime she says "Hey Baby..." it makes me think of Austin Powers! ACK! As for the rest, except for how cocky Lisa seems to be getting, I think like the rest so far. I don't have a real favorite, though I know I don't want Lisa to win now.

Anyway...we also watched How I Met Your Mother last night - we love that show! Too funny - I love Doogie, er, I mean Barney! And mainly just b/c it comes on right after this, I've started watching The Class. It's okay - not the best show I've watched, but it's entertaining.

I don't have Accounting this week so I splurged on TV!! Can't do that everyday!

The Bachelor: Rome

Michael and I started watching The Bachelor a few seasons back. It's one of the few reality shows I watch, but it's pretty entertaining. This season there are two Texas gals in the running for the rose & one, sadly is from Houston. I say sadly, b/c Erica Rose is such a brat. I wonder if this is how she really behaves IRL. I ran across this thread of comments about the Princess wannabe!'s coming on again tonight and the previews make it look like she makes a scene or something, so I am interested to see what happens. I read a spoiler that mentioned her fate, but I won't spill it here.

The rain made today a good TV day anyway...I would have enjoyed staying on my couch today listening to it storm outside!

What a nice evening...

Michael and I got back from dinner around 6:30...we've been outside in the backyard ever since! It is so nice out tonight! We messed around in the yard a while checking everything out and then have been sitting on the back porch playing with the puppies!!!

I hope this weather stays nice for a while, though I am sure it is going to get steamy again soon! I'm enjoying it for now, though!!!

Ready for a weekend update already?

Last night Michael and I kept our neighbor's 10 month old while they went out to dinner. He is so sweet and a lot of fun! He was only with us a couple hours, but we had a good time! We also put together Emma's swing. I had a shower at work on Thursday and this was what my hostesses gave us!! It's all ready for her now!! I don't have the pictures yet, but when they are sent to me I'll post them. They did a wonderful job on the shower. It was so nice!!

Today Michael worked outside all morning while I cleaned up in the kitchen. At one I had a birthday party to attend. It was a coworker's little girl's 2nd b'day. They live here in the neighborhood, too. Michael was supposed to go, too, but after working outside all morning and then even washing my jeep he decided he didn't want to go. Oh time. They had a pirate party and all the kids were so cute! They had a good time.

When I got home my neighbor grabbed me to go check out a craft fair she saw…

Photo Friday: Destruction

Today's challenge for Photo Friday is destruction - I took this picture back in March. It's a tree that was uprooted by Hurricane Rita on my sister's ranch.

Click here to see the picture & album from this trip to Broaddus.

Red Tulips

Good Morning...another shot from the Dallas Arboretum. I thought this would be a good burst of color for this gray day!

(View the set of my favorites here)

She's going to be here early...

Well, was pretty close - Emma weighs approximately 3lbs & 13oz - nearly 4lbs already!!!! She is growing fast. The doctor thinks she is going to be here much earlier than we expected! My original due date is December 22nd & though my doctor isn't changing it, she said from the ultrasound today and seeing how big she was already, she may be here as early as December 9th! If she keeps growing at this rate, we may have a Thanksgiving baby instead of a Christmas baby!!

We got a good view of her today! We saw her yawning...and we saw a 4D picture, too. She has my nose!!! A little pug nose!!! It was so sweet - like a picture of a baby already born!!! We didn't get those printed, though - they are just on the video. We did get some new pictures, though that I'll have to get scanned. She printed one today that shows for sure she's a little girl!

My parents came with us today! I am so glad mother is able to be out and about now so she can do things with…

Pink & Purple

I visited Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum about three years ago when I visited Dennon. It was breath-taking!! Pictures do not do it justice, but I have to say I was proud of the ones I took!

 The banner image is also from this trip!

You can see a set of my favorites here!!!

Our Baby Girl is Growing...

Your baby now weighs around 3 pounds and is about 17 inches from head to toe. An ultrasound image may show your baby yawning or even sucking its thumb, and you may also notice that your baby does not move at all during your Braxton Hicks contractions. This is because your muscles tighten and constrict his or her movement. By now your baby is probably more used to Braxton Hicks than you are...from

We'll find out in the morning how accurate this is b/c we're going for the third & final ultrasound! I can't wait to see Emma again!! Her movements aren't as jerky these days, but when she does move it's like she is trying to push right on out the side of my tummy!! She's a strong little girl! As for the Braxton Hicks - they don't really hurt, but they aren't very comfortable either. I've started noticing them in the last few weeks.

My friends at work are throwing a shower for me on Thursday. I can't wait to start getting things f…


The topic for this Photo Friday is Thin...I haven't participated in this for a while. I thought these interesting flowers were a good representation of the topic!!

Sleepless nights already...

I guess Miss Emma (yep, that's her name - though we still don't have a middle name) is getting me ready for her arrival. I don't get any sleep at night these days. Mostly just b/c I cannot get comfortable. I am a stomach sleeper and needless to say cannot sleep on my stomach now. I toss & turn a lot during the night - not only b/c of just discomfort, but out right pain. I lay on one side for a while and then that shoulder or hip starts to hurt. And then at least once I have to get up & go to the bathroom. It's very frustrating and poor Michael...I know I must keep him up, too. Practice for when she gets here for him as well, I guess!!!

Last night I didn't even make it to class...I barely made it through the day at work. I went home, fixed dinner, cleaned up, and spent the rest of the evening on the couch. I was actually falling asleep shortly after 8:00 & in bed around 8:30. I have never been able to nap before. I always woke up feeling hung over and eve…

Happy Anniversary!

From my honey...

Happy Anniversary Baby

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Sweetie! I love you very much!!

Um...that's Central Time, not Central America...

I have been noticing that the time on my computer is always one hour behind. Everytime I get on the computer I change it, check all my settings make sure they are correct, and then the very next time it's behind by an hour again. Well, um, I just realized why. Each time I reset it I made sure it was set to Central Time, but what I was actually choosing was Central America. Smart Hanna!! At least it's fixed now!!


Elaine & I met up on Saturday for lunch and then went to Glenwood cemetery to take pictures. I really didn't take that many pictures (I wasn't feeling very well), but this was one of my favorites. We need to go back on a cooler day - there were a lot of great shots that I missed!

We had a great time, though - it's a beautiful cemetery.