Time with my feet up!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Last Thursday was my 24 week checkup which led to bed rest & more tests...
I've said before that my ankles had been swelling & this alarmed by
doctor - on top of that my blood pressure was extremely high. She was
afraid that I had Preeclampsia.
To be safe she put me on bed rest and took more blood to test &
make sure. I had already been stuck twice b/c I had my glucose test
& the first time they stuck me my vein blew out - which has never
happened to me before. So, she took more blood & sent me to sit or
lay down until the following Tuesday when I could come back in &
have my blood pressure checked again.
Let me just say I love my doctor's nurse. The moment she got my test
results back she called me to let me know that I didn't have
preeclampsia - I was so worried. Basically, if you have it the only way
to get rid of it if it's severe is to deliver your baby. I was so happy
to hear that. However, she was also calling to let me know that my
sugar levels were too high - so I still had to come in on Tuesday to
check my blood pressure & then spend three hours at the lab doing
another glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes
- which meant I had to fast then have my blood drawn, drink 50 mg more
of glucose, then get stuck every hour for the next three hours to test
my blood sugar.
So, now I look like a junkie b/c I have seven needle marks in my arms
and a huge bruise b/c one of the techs didn't know what they were
doing!! Painful!
Again - another reason I love my doctor's nurse - she called me the
next morning first thing to let me know that my tests came back just
fine. I don't have gestational diabetes either!!! Me and baby girl are
just fine - I think the heat and humidity had more to do with the
swelling ankles than anything - plus spending five days finding the
nearest chair wherever I was and staying off my feet as much as
possible helped I'm sure!! We've been having a bit of cooler weather so
maybe they won't be bad like that again anytime soon.