Six Years Already?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Today is my 6th anniversary at my job! I really like where I work - I hope to be celebrating a lot more. Actually, I wouldn't mind retiring from here! That would be ideal! We're going through so many changes right now, who knows what it's going to look like in a few months, though.

I checked out a lady today who might keep our baby girl once I go off maternity leave & am back in the office. She is very close to work, which is something that was very important to me. I want to be able to get to her quickly if needed & would like to be able to drop in for a visit during lunch some times - especially while I am nursing. I really liked the lady & have friends who have used her in the past & seem to think very highly of her. She has been keeping kiddos for fifteen years now!! I'll have to take Michael to meet her soon so he can tell if he likes her, too.

I've got a group paper due on Wednesday for class that I've been working on tonight. I have submitted my portion along with one other member - now we're just waiting to see what the last person has to submit. Group work is hard at the graduate level b/c we all live so far apart & usually graduate students work full time & have families. It isn't like undergrad when you all basically live on campus & work is just part time that you can schedule around your class load and are able to get together and meet whenever you want. Tip for the Day: If you're an undergrad now, don't quit until you have your Masters!!!

Okay...I think I'll take a break from the computer & await answers from my group members. I have to go into work about an hour early in the morning so I really should be in bed. I go in at 6:30 as it is so tomorrow is going to be really hard getting up!