I made it home just in time...

Friday, September 22, 2006
to see the premiere of Gray's Anatomy!!! Our class let out early last night & I drove into our driveway about two minutes before the show started! I was so excited, but to be honest, last night's show was very sad. There were a lot of depressing sides to it. It was a good show overall, but pulled on some heart strings!

I know I won't be home to watch most of them so Michael is going to have to tape them. That's right - I said tape them - we are behind the times. I still don't have Tivo or DVR. I think something like DVR is offered through Dish (that's what we have). I'll have to look into it! Michael would save all the football he wanted so he wouldn't miss overlapping games & I wouldn't miss my shows on the nights I have class. Though, honestly this season I think I'll just stick with SVU, House, & GA. I haven't decided if I am going to follow desperate housewives this season or not. I may watch the premiere & see how I feel after that! (Honestly - with all the school work I don't have time to watch much more TV than those three shows anyway & that's actually pushing it!!!)