The day can only get better...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It was sometime the wee hours of the morning that it started...before 3:00 AM I'm guess b/c I didn't look at the clock. I got another charlie horse in my calf. EGAD! Pain!! But that was just the beginning. The morning just didn't go well today. Clothes weren't ironed that I was going to wear so I had to change my wardrobe plans, we had to play musical cars (joys of owning three cars in one garage/driveway), I had a shower gift to get packed, food to get going in the slower cooker for dinner tonight (best friend when I have class at night), things were getting lost, but all of that was manageable.

I have a glass of milk in the mornings now on my way to work. So this morning like all others I poured my glass, which just happen to be the last of the milk. Since it's trash day I pick up the milk jug to take outside with me & put in the trash can before I leave. So, pregnant lady is walking down the drive way, purse, book bag, gift bag, glass of milk, and empty milk jug in hand...and as I step off the driveway where Michael has already put out the garbage to put the jub in the trash one foot decides it doesn't like the path we're taking & decides to go another way. To catch myself I lurched my other foot out and roll my I go down and milk sloshes all over the place from my glass of milk - mostly happening to land on the tissue paper of the gift bag I'm carrying. Knee hits the ground - ouch! Now I have a sore calf from the charlie horse in the middle of the night, two turned ankles, and a banged knee. Thank goodness it was 5:30 in the morning and no one saw me to add embarrassment to all my aches!

As if my ankles weren't swollen enough!!!

Is it just me or does pregnancy make you completely clumsy!?!?!?