Birthday Fondue

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nothing better than dark chocolate/caramel fondue & my honey bunny!!! Hee Hee!

mybday 013

Michael took me to The Melting Pot (one of my all time faves) last night for my b'day dinner since I'll be in class tonight!!! He got up to go to the "bathroom" & came back with a big birthday bag - he loves to surprise! He got me this beautiful Willow Tree figurine & this Precious Moments figurine! THEN this morning he walked in while I was getting ready with a cake complete with lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to me! (I forgot to take a picture before cutting it...oops!) I sent 1/2 with him to work & brought the other 1/2 with me to the office this morning!

Thanks for such a wonderful birthday baby! I love you very much!!!