Friday, September 29, 2006

Big Green Leaves

It's been such a busy week!

I had a ton of homework this week & a test last night, plus work has been, sorry for the lack of posts this week. I had my accounting test last night & I believe I did pretty well. I should find out this weekend hopefully. I was finished with it in time to get home & watch the 2nd episode of Grey's Anatomy!! Ha ha! It was a pretty good episode - I nearly fell over laughing when Bailey pointed out the panties on the bulletin board!!! I love her - I think she is one of my favorites! It was a good episode over all...I can see the entire season for Meredith is going to be a yo-yo game between McDreamy1 & McDreamy2, though, but that was the point, right!?!?

Anyway, enough about that - today is supposed to be my Friday off, but I'm actually in the office now. I don't know if I will be here all day or not. I hope not.  I need a break from this place! I have only taken one vacation day all year, which I find hard to believe. I have three weeks - maybe they can just put that for my 1st three weeks of maternity leave. We get 8 weeks - so if I use my remaining vacation for the first three I'll have 11 total! WooHoo! I think I am going to call HR today & make sure that I can do that. Then I'll still have all my vacation for 2007 to take whenever.

Okay...well, if I plan on getting out of here early today I had better get my day going!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm starting my last trimester...

I cannot believe I am starting my 7th month already - I guess b/c life in general has been so busy the last few months, well to be honest, the last year!

We have the crib put together & a first name picked out - I'll disclose that when we figure out her middle name!!! I have another doctors appointment tomorrow & then I think I have to start going twice a month instead of just once. I'm not completely sure, though!

Here is the latest on our baby girl's development, though:

Your baby weighs approximately 2.4 pounds and is about 10 inches from crown to rump, or a little under 16 inches from head to toe. He or she has been gaining weight steadily during the past 27 weeks as its stem cells develop into organs, blood and immune systems, and bones. However, from this point forward, your baby's weight gain will be due to increasing amounts of body fat. A quick way to predict your baby's birth weight is to average your partner’s and your birth weights.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Friday, September 22, 2006

I made it home just in time...

to see the premiere of Gray's Anatomy!!! Our class let out early last night & I drove into our driveway about two minutes before the show started! I was so excited, but to be honest, last night's show was very sad. There were a lot of depressing sides to it. It was a good show overall, but pulled on some heart strings!

I know I won't be home to watch most of them so Michael is going to have to tape them. That's right - I said tape them - we are behind the times. I still don't have Tivo or DVR. I think something like DVR is offered through Dish (that's what we have). I'll have to look into it! Michael would save all the football he wanted so he wouldn't miss overlapping games & I wouldn't miss my shows on the nights I have class. Though, honestly this season I think I'll just stick with SVU, House, & GA. I haven't decided if I am going to follow desperate housewives this season or not. I may watch the premiere & see how I feel after that! (Honestly - with all the school work I don't have time to watch much more TV than those three shows anyway & that's actually pushing it!!!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Scholarly Reason for Playing on Napster

We have group projects in our Marketing class this semester and our product we're working on is Napster. So, that means for homework I get to go online and play on Napster and see what they are all about!! I've never been big into downloading music...I don't even own an MP3 player - yes, I'm behind the times. Although, my pda does hold MP3's, but I don't really qualify that as an MP3 player.

For the part of the project I'm working on now I need to find out how the original Napster operated and then what exactly happened that caused them to shut down. What were they doing that was illegal or angered artists like Metallica and Dr. Dre and brought on law suits? I don't know if I'll be able to tell from today's Napster exactly how they used to operate, but I figure it cannot be THAT far off from the original. I know they had to make some changes to get around their legal issues, but the basic concept is still the same: Logon on & download music!

Have any insight for me on the subject?????

I found a neat site yesterday - Zafu. You answer a series of questions about your shape & it will tell you what jeans would look best on you! It tells you which ones would fit best - about 2 or 3 pair - and then a page of ones that fit you well. My best two were Baby Phat & Joe's Jeans - to be honest I've never heard of either. My page of jeans that "fit me well" had a few more brand options that I had heard of!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tiny Waterfall @ Mercer Arboretum

This is the 2nd shot from our trip to Mercer that I have submitted to the Assignment Houston Flickr group.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Gold Fish Pond

I love this shot...this is from our (me & Elaine) photo excursion to Mercer Arboretum this past Sunday. I might use this one for a background!

My Weekend...

I haven't done a real weekend update in a while and I had a fun weekend so I figured I would do one today!

 Friday was supposed to be my day off, but I ended up working. I already had plans so I decided to come in only for the morning. I had planned on spending the day with my parents for my b'day. We had a nice lunch & then went to look at recliners - they want to get some new living room furniture. After looking for a while we headed to USA Baby to look for cribs. Mother told me a long time ago that she wanted to buy our crib & she is getting to the point she can go out now so this was our first chance to look at cribs. She did a lot of walking, which was good, but she was pretty worn out by the evening & headed home soon after Michael got home from work. That night Michael's family came over and we all went out to dinner for my b'day.

Saturday I had to come into the office again, but again only worked half day b/c we already had plans for the weekend. When I got home Michael & I went back to the store to pick out the crib together since he was at work when I went with my parents. We have it home now, but it's still in the box. We have to move furniture out of the nursery before we can put it together, though. I am really getting anxious now, though!! Afterwards we had a couples baby shower to attend - it was outside & so hot by the time we got home I was so tired.

Sunday I had plans with Elaine to go to Mercer Arboretum to take pictures. We met early that morning for breakfast & then headed to the Arboretum. We actually finished earlier than we thought so we decided to go visit my parents for a while. All my pictures from the weekend are posted here on Fotki, but there is a smaller set posted on Flickr!! I had fun Elaine - thanks!!

New Place to Post

I am not deserting MishMish.Org - but I think I am going to start posting at my WP site for a short while. Just until I get some kinks worked out over here.

So...for a while, please check on me at MishMish.Wordpress.Com.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The day can only get better...

It was sometime the wee hours of the morning that it started...before 3:00 AM I'm guess b/c I didn't look at the clock. I got another charlie horse in my calf. EGAD! Pain!! But that was just the beginning. The morning just didn't go well today. Clothes weren't ironed that I was going to wear so I had to change my wardrobe plans, we had to play musical cars (joys of owning three cars in one garage/driveway), I had a shower gift to get packed, food to get going in the slower cooker for dinner tonight (best friend when I have class at night), things were getting lost, but all of that was manageable.

I have a glass of milk in the mornings now on my way to work. So this morning like all others I poured my glass, which just happen to be the last of the milk. Since it's trash day I pick up the milk jug to take outside with me & put in the trash can before I leave. So, pregnant lady is walking down the drive way, purse, book bag, gift bag, glass of milk, and empty milk jug in hand...and as I step off the driveway where Michael has already put out the garbage to put the jub in the trash one foot decides it doesn't like the path we're taking & decides to go another way. To catch myself I lurched my other foot out and roll my I go down and milk sloshes all over the place from my glass of milk - mostly happening to land on the tissue paper of the gift bag I'm carrying. Knee hits the ground - ouch! Now I have a sore calf from the charlie horse in the middle of the night, two turned ankles, and a banged knee. Thank goodness it was 5:30 in the morning and no one saw me to add embarrassment to all my aches!

As if my ankles weren't swollen enough!!!

Is it just me or does pregnancy make you completely clumsy!?!?!?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yummy Fondue

mybday 013
Originally uploaded by Mish Mish.

Birthday Fondue - makes it even yummier!

Yummy Fondue

Birthday Fondue - makes it even yummier!

Birthday Fondue

Nothing better than dark chocolate/caramel fondue & my honey bunny!!! Hee Hee!

mybday 013

Michael took me to The Melting Pot (one of my all time faves) last night for my b'day dinner since I'll be in class tonight!!! He got up to go to the "bathroom" & came back with a big birthday bag - he loves to surprise! He got me this beautiful Willow Tree figurine & this Precious Moments figurine! THEN this morning he walked in while I was getting ready with a cake complete with lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to me! (I forgot to take a picture before cutting it...oops!) I sent 1/2 with him to work & brought the other 1/2 with me to the office this morning!

Thanks for such a wonderful birthday baby! I love you very much!!!

Monday, September 11, 2006

We Remember...



Six Years Already?

Today is my 6th anniversary at my job! I really like where I work - I hope to be celebrating a lot more. Actually, I wouldn't mind retiring from here! That would be ideal! We're going through so many changes right now, who knows what it's going to look like in a few months, though.

I checked out a lady today who might keep our baby girl once I go off maternity leave & am back in the office. She is very close to work, which is something that was very important to me. I want to be able to get to her quickly if needed & would like to be able to drop in for a visit during lunch some times - especially while I am nursing. I really liked the lady & have friends who have used her in the past & seem to think very highly of her. She has been keeping kiddos for fifteen years now!! I'll have to take Michael to meet her soon so he can tell if he likes her, too.

I've got a group paper due on Wednesday for class that I've been working on tonight. I have submitted my portion along with one other member - now we're just waiting to see what the last person has to submit. Group work is hard at the graduate level b/c we all live so far apart & usually graduate students work full time & have families. It isn't like undergrad when you all basically live on campus & work is just part time that you can schedule around your class load and are able to get together and meet whenever you want. Tip for the Day: If you're an undergrad now, don't quit until you have your Masters!!!

Okay...I think I'll take a break from the computer & await answers from my group members. I have to go into work about an hour early in the morning so I really should be in bed. I go in at 6:30 as it is so tomorrow is going to be really hard getting up!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Time with my feet up!

Last Thursday was my 24 week checkup which led to bed rest & more tests...
I've said before that my ankles had been swelling & this alarmed by
doctor - on top of that my blood pressure was extremely high. She was
afraid that I had Preeclampsia.
To be safe she put me on bed rest and took more blood to test &
make sure. I had already been stuck twice b/c I had my glucose test
& the first time they stuck me my vein blew out - which has never
happened to me before. So, she took more blood & sent me to sit or
lay down until the following Tuesday when I could come back in &
have my blood pressure checked again.
Let me just say I love my doctor's nurse. The moment she got my test
results back she called me to let me know that I didn't have
preeclampsia - I was so worried. Basically, if you have it the only way
to get rid of it if it's severe is to deliver your baby. I was so happy
to hear that. However, she was also calling to let me know that my
sugar levels were too high - so I still had to come in on Tuesday to
check my blood pressure & then spend three hours at the lab doing
another glucose test to check for Gestational Diabetes
- which meant I had to fast then have my blood drawn, drink 50 mg more
of glucose, then get stuck every hour for the next three hours to test
my blood sugar.
So, now I look like a junkie b/c I have seven needle marks in my arms
and a huge bruise b/c one of the techs didn't know what they were
doing!! Painful!
Again - another reason I love my doctor's nurse - she called me the
next morning first thing to let me know that my tests came back just
fine. I don't have gestational diabetes either!!! Me and baby girl are
just fine - I think the heat and humidity had more to do with the
swelling ankles than anything - plus spending five days finding the
nearest chair wherever I was and staying off my feet as much as
possible helped I'm sure!! We've been having a bit of cooler weather so
maybe they won't be bad like that again anytime soon.