Two Short Weeks

Monday, August 28, 2006

This week & next are going to be short work weeks for us - Yay!

This week I am off on Friday & then we're off Monday b/c it's Labor Day & we decided to take off Tuesday as a vacation day also. So, this week is a 4 day week & next will only be 3!! Maybe I'll get caught up on my sleep!

Things are getting settled down just a bit. School started so I am getting back into that routine - and we're done furniture buying for a while. We had our new mattress delivered - the old one given away - and the new wall unit/entertainment center for the big screen. The living room looks so much nicer - the TV looks more like a piece of furniture now rather than a piece of electronics!

We had a good weekend, but I spent a lot of time outside in the muggy weather on my feet & paid for it. My ankles were so extremely swollen all weekend. They are much better now, though. I spent yesterday off my feet as much as possible. Hopefully when the weather begins to cool (not for a while, though) they won't swell as much.

This weekend we're going up to East Texas for the Stanley Cup - annual clay shoot my brother-in-law's company puts on at their place - it's a lot of fun & I am the unoffiicial photographer as of last year. This year I am going to have my niece drive me and her daughter Gianna around on the mule so I won't have to walk the whole course!!! It's WAY too hot!